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How to Celebrate Hanukkah While Traveling

This year, Hanukkah falls during winter break (ending on December 24th), giving families the opportunity to get out of town for the holiday.

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Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

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Spend the last days of summer at a water park in the Eastern US

Summer’s coming to a close! If you haven’t already, it’s time to take advantage of the amazing water parks throughout the Eastern U.S. Gather up info about cheap car rentals, pack up the car and head out to soak up what’s left of the sun.

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July 4th Festivity Suggestions

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, which means juicy watermelon, hamburgers on the grill and colorful, booming fireworks, not to mention plenty of friends and fun. Traveling a bit to a family member’s house for the festivities? Score a great car rental discount to make the trip a breeze! Staying home and hosting a party yourself?

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Fun Summer Activities in 3 Great Canadian Provinces

  3 Suggestions for Visiting Nova Scotia, Ontario and Alberta

• Nova Scotia has great activities for sunny summer days. Visit the area’s zoos, lighthouses and parks when the weather’s great. Duck into one of 26 provincial museums or the science center if it starts to pour. Get a great car rental deal so you can hop from venue to venue without spending a fortune.

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5 Ways to Spoil Dad on Father’s Day

Want to show dad how much you appreciate him? There’s no better time than on Father’s Day to express your gratitude! Here are five ways to spoil your favorite guy on his big day.
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Sharing the Love on Valentine's Day

Sharing the Love on Valentine's DayDying to get away this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re in a relationship and want a romantic weekend with your main squeeze or you’re single and hoping to avoid running into your exes, cheap car rentals can be a great excuse to get out of town.

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Comical and Arcane Driving laws

Many driving laws in the US and around the world are still left over from the time when cars and trucks were not anywhere nearly as common as they are today. Barrington freight from the UK has assembled some of the more comical and arcane laws:

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Warm Places to Visit this Coming Winter

Traveling during the winter definitely has its perks, like fewer tourists, serious car rental discounts and budget-friendly hotel prices. When it’s snowy and brisk back home, you can be relaxing in the sun somewhere, enjoying ice cream on the beach and going night swimming.

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The Jewish Holiday of Succoth is Just Around the Corner - it's a Great Time to Visit New York

On the evening of Wednesday, September 18th, Jews all over the world will be lighting candles in honor of the holiday of Succoth.  This holiday, also known as the 'Feast of Tabernacles' or 'Feast of Booths' is a Biblically mandated holiday.  It lasts 8 days long - the first two of which are so holy that Jews are not allowed to work.  Instead, they go to services at the local synagogue and have festive meals with family and friends.  And the really cool thing ab

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