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Cheap Car Rentals At Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD)

Cheap Car Rentals at O'Hare International

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Routes Car Rental

Years in business: 17

1036 ratings | 963 Reviews
Routes Car Rentals has been in operation since 1998 and throughout these two decades Routes has become Canada's fastest growing independent automotive and commercial truck rental company. Routes was ...
Minimum Age 25
Rents for cash NO
Airport Service Airport Shuttle
Local Area Pickup/Dropoff NO

Address: 3901 Mannheim Road, Schiller Park,Illin,60176, United States

Vehicles: Luxury, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Cars


Years in business: 10

73 ratings | 72 Reviews
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Minimum Age 21
Rents for cash NO
Airport Service No airport service
Local Area Pickup/Dropoff YES

Address: 3309 Mannheim Road, Franklin Park,Illin,60131, United States

Vehicles: Cars, Vans, SUVs, Trucks, Luxury, Specialty


Years in business: N/A

0 ratings
Minimum Age N/A
Rents for cash N/A
Airport Service N/A
Local Area Pickup/Dropoff N/A

Address: , Chicago,ORD, United States

Vehicles: N/A
Cheap, Smart Ways to Arrive at and Leave from O'Hare International

Chicago is one the most populous cities in the US. It has been immortalized in literature, film and television. It is a business hub for everything from telecommunications to finance and transportation. It is home to Skydeck Chicago, Architecture River Cruise, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Brookfield Zoo and more restaurants, shopping districts and cultural events than can be listed here. No wonder OıHare International Airport is often called the busiest airport in the world.

A sister to Midway International Airport, O’Hare has a broad range of options for getting to and from their terminals, giving everyone an opportunity to get their trips and business started as soon as possible. Public transportation is covered by CTA, Pace Suburban Bus and Metro Rail. The CTA offers ÈL service via Ventra cards, load fares and passes. Pace Suburban is one of the primary public transporters in Denver and one of the largest bus lines in the country. Metro (or Metra) Mobile trains are an exceptional way to get to some of the city highlights, as well as to and from the airport.

Another great transportation option are the cheap car rental suppliers listed on the left side of this page, along with their Renter Ratings. You can select an independent agency with confidence and one that meets your quality of service and price choice.

You can find taxi stands on O’Hare’s lower level curb front outside baggage claim of every terminal. An average fare to downtown Chicago will start at $30 but can be based on traffic conditions. You can share multiple destination rides and flat rates for each destination. You can also find a listing of limousine services posted at the information booth across from Door C at each terminal lower level.

Besides share-a-ride shuttles and regional buses, O’Hare also offers the opportunity to go green and get to the airport via bike. In fact, Chicago is aiming to be the biker friendliest city in the world by 2020. O’Hare has bicycle stands at all CTA stations. There are more stands in Remote Parking Lot E at the ATS terminal.

Last, but certainly not least, do not overlook the convenience of a cheap car rental. Get off the plane, get your keys and be on your way. There is no better way to get your trip started right away and taking full advantage of everything Chicago has to offer.

Car Rentals at O'Hare International

ORD, also called O'Hare Airport is located approximately 17 miles northwest of one of the busiest city centers in the world. With flights from more than 60 foreign destinations, O'Hare maintains a firm holding in the international flight arena. For the past 10 years, it has been consistently voted, the "Best Airport in North America". Ground transportation information is outlined below.

For a visual map of the types of shops available at Chicago International Airport, please refer to the link below:

Chicago International Airport Map Link

Several rental car agencies maintain their offices at terminals 1, 2, and 3, enabling you to get bargain rates and cheap car rentals. Please carry your rental agency phone number with you when you arrive. This will help you determine the next shuttle schedule of the rental agency or call for pickup. Courtesy telephones are located on the lower level. Many rental car agencies offer courtesy buses to various automobile pick-up/drop-off areas. Some of Chicago's independent car rental agencies listed at Car Rental Express, are:

  • Ace Rent A Car IL and IN
  • Advantage Rent A Car - Chicago O'Hare
Ground Transportation Things to do at the airport Attractions

Ground Transportation: You can choose from several modes of transport to help you with your onward journey from ORD. Options include buses and metro trains that offer cheap travel facilities. Subway trains depart from the terminal through an underground station. Commuter trains, from the Metro North Central Service, which stop at the O'Hare Transfer station, are connected to the Airport Transit System or ATS through shuttle bus. You can also hire taxis at the terminals. Other modes of transportation are regional buses and cheap rental cars.

Things to do at the airport

Traveling in an airplane is an experience. There can be unexpected delays. Luckily, there are many activities available at the airport for people waiting there.

Restaurants: If you are a food lover, you are in for a treat. Chicago O'Hare International Airport has a chain of impressive restaurants and food courts. The major quick and easy food options are Starbucks, Cinnabon, Quiznos, Auntie Anne's, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, Great American Bagel, and Salad Works. If snacking is not your style you can instead, choose to dine at Chili's or Wolfgang Puck.

Reading: O'Hare has a few bookstores and newspaper stands to choose from. Hudson News & Gifts seems to have an endless collection. The number of magazines available includes not just popular magazines, but also includes magazines for niche readers such as computer, psychology, and home repair magazines. Snacks, candies and chewing gums are also available at these locations.

Kids Fun Galore! If there are children with you, then you need to consider additional entertainment options. You can check out the children's museum which has different exhibits that they can enjoy. As of now, only ticketed passengers are allowed to enter to view the exhibits. The exhibits are open for display only during airport hours. The exhibits also include a dinosaur exhibit, on loan from the Chicago Field Museum which is sure to keep travelers of all ages engaged during their wait.

Chicago Attractions

When you fly into O’Hare international airport, be sure to book your rental car with With their services, you will be able to save money on your rental car and truly enjoy everything Chicago has to offer. While in Chicago, you can check out the various art museums or go a step further and check out the DuPage Children’s museum as well as the museum of Broadcast history. When you get your Chicago O’Hare airport rental cars, you will be able to enjoy Chicago on your own time, do what you want and eliminate the necessity to rely on public transportation for your outings.

DuPage Children’s Museum

The DuPage Children’s museum is meant to stimulate the young mind of a child. Here, your children will find various activities that are generally not offered in a traditional museum where they are taught to look and not touch anything. Here, they are encouraged to play games that stimulate math, science and arts as well as utilizing the study area, either on their own if they are old enough, or with their parents; this area holds books and study guides for all types of subjects. The DuPage Children’s museum is open every day to children of all ages. Let get you your rental cars at Chicago O’Hare Airport so you can let your children explore all that DuPage Children’s museum has to offer.

Museum of Broadcast History

Not your typical museum; the museum of Broadcast history is home to various types of radio and television history. Open every day for all to enjoy, if you go on Sunday afternoon, you can enjoy an old-time radio show called “Those were the days” in the broadcast center. Young and old alike will enjoy this piece of history when you get your car rental at Chicago O’Hare.