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Hybrids | Be kind to the environment and select a hybrid vehicle.

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Hybrid Rental Information

Hybrids are vehicles with electric propulsion systems. They are cheaper on gasoline and better for the environment than traditional vehicles. If you are earth-conscious and want to make your mark on saving the environment, then a hybrid is your best rental choice.

The Toyota Prius

Our most popular model of hybrid is the Toyota Prius, which can be found in a number of cities including Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Our agencies are starting to carry more hybrid cars so expect the number of eco-friendly vehicles to increase in the future. If you can't find a hybrid rental vehicle in your city then try one of our small or midsize vehicles. Many of them are very fuel-efficient and are typically cheaper to rent than a hybrid.

Compact & Economy Options

Some of the cheapest cars to rent are compact and economy cars such as the Hyundai Accent, Ford Focus, Toyota Yaris, Chevy Cobalt, Kia Rio, Nissan Versa, Chevy Aveo, and Suzuki SX4 as well as intermediate sized vehicles like the Nissan Sentra and Toyota Corolla. In some cities you can find car rentals for as low as $16.00/day, for some of these automobiles. So even if you can't find a hybrid rental take a minute to look at some of the other affordable low-emission options that we have at CarRentalExpress.com. Most of our customers are repeat business - if you make a reservation today you will know why!

Low-Emission Vehicles

JD Jower recently published an interesting article titled, Understanding Low-Emission Vehicles. It cuts through some of the jargon when it comes to understanding low emission cars. It goes on to say that the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima and Prius hybrids have some of the best emissions ratings. They fall under the AT-PZEV classification, which means that they meet the Super Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle (SULEV) designation. What that means is that the vehicle you are driving is 90% cleaner than the average new vehicle on the market. To read more about that JD Power report click here.

The EPA Green Vehicle Guide

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a website that walks you through the process of choosing the cleanest - most fuel-efficient cars. You can use this site to find the greenest rental cars when renting with Car Rental Express. The website can be found here. The US government also has a website with fuel economy information and gas mileage tips.

To start your car rental search go to the top of this page and enter your information into the rate search box. Follow the steps and in no time you'll be driving a fuel-efficient car at a great price.