5 Ways to
Spoil Dad on
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5 Ways to Spoil Dad on Father’s Day

Want to show dad how much you appreciate him? There’s no better time than on Father’s Day to express your gratitude! Here are five ways to spoil your favorite guy on his big day.

1. Book a day or evening cruise that offers brunch or dinner and a complimentary cocktail or two. Don’t live close to a waterway? Check out cheap car rentals and take a mini road trip to the nearest dock. Some cruises may also have live music or other types of fun happenings.

2. Is your pop a nature lover? Check out guided canoe tours on your area’s lakes or rivers. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery! You'll work up enough of an appetite to go out for a great steak dinner afterwards.

3. For sports fan fathers, there’s no better way to spend a few hours than at the ball field, basketball court or hockey arena. Does your dad shiver at the thought of leaving his new Mercedes in a jam-packed lot? Score a great car rental deal and let him leave his precious ride at home.

4. If your dad’s like mine, he’s been talking for years about taking a long road trip to explore all the U.S. towns and cities he’s only read about. Wouldn’t Father’s Day be the perfect time to surprise him with a mapped out itinerary? With car rental discounts, you can find the cheapest car rentals available, which means the only thing you have to worry about is whose turn it is to drive.

5. Avid golfers will appreciate a golfing getaway. Book a private lesson just for dad or a family lesson for the whole crew. Depending where you go, the getaway can also include great dining, evening entertainment and spa treatments.

Bonus Tip: Restaurants, special events, entertainment venues and the like will have plenty of specials for Father’s Day. Between car rental coupons and discounts for Dad’s Day, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to make pop feel like a king.  Ask about special rates to get the best deals available.
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