Comical and Arcane
Driving laws
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Comical and Arcane Driving laws

Many driving laws in the US and around the world are still left over from the time when cars and trucks were not anywhere nearly as common as they are today. Barrington freight from the UK has assembled some of the more comical and arcane laws:

  • In the State of Alabama it is ok to drive the wrong way down a one-way street as long as there is a lantern attached to the front of your car. There is no word whether or not the lantern is required to be lit.
  • In San Francisco you’ll be fined if you use your underwear to polish your car. They do not mention if the law applies to used or new underwear.
  • In the state of Florida you better take lots of quarters if you are taking your elephant for a walk. You’ll need to feed the parking meter if you intend to tie your large friend to it.
  • You cannot cross state lines in Minnesota if your duck is not tied to you head. Maybe the duck is to serve as a horn.
  • And, very important…in Pennsylvania at night, travelling on country roads a rocket flare must be set off every mile to warn the livestock that you are in the neifgborhood.
  • In Great Britain, do not forget your bale of hay when taking a drive in the Hackney Coach. The bale must be tied to the roof.

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