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Car Rental Express does NOT own any cars –
our member Agencies own the cars and provide your rental.
We are like the Yellow Pages, and provide service listings and advertising.

Each agency on sets their own policies, and rates.
The rental vehicles they advertise are of their own choosing.
We cannot therefore answer questions about the details of any agency policies, rates, or vehicles.

We also cannot create a rate quote for you.
Please go to the rate search to enter your location and dates, to find a rental

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N.B.: If you have a concern about a specific Car Rental Agency, you must send us your NAME, the AGENCY NAME & LOCATION and the DATE of your rental. If you wish any assistance in the resolution of an issue send us your confirmation number as well. We will forward your concerns to the Agency named, and monitor progress, but we do not control the issue resolution process. Each Car Rental Agency on manages their own rental business and sets their own policies.