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Camping with Children: The Best Activity on Earth

Taking Imageyour children camping is one of the best activities on earth.  My husband swears by this philososphy: If our daughters are showing any signs of emotional upset the solution is - take them camping!  He is adament that this iis the cure-all for any type of problem.  His mantra - 'Take 'em to the great outdoors, get down and dirty and forget about your troubles.'  (I am hoping that this plan of his will still work when they are teenagers and struggling with regular tee

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Sunshine and Summertime: Time for the Great Outdoors!

I Imageam, without a doubt, giddy from the recent outburst of sunshine and heat we've been experiencing over here on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.... and a little lightheaded thinking about all the wonderful adventures waiting for me and my family just outside the door. 'Tis the season to pack up the crew, rent a car, throw a tent in the trunk and open the map to choose an exciting getaway.

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Even an Uplanned Ferry Wait can be Fun!

This Imageweekend, my husband and I took our 3 young daughters to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia for a weekend holiday with some friends and their daughter. We were invited to stay at a beautiful log cabin up in the mountains. Words cannot express the beauty of landscape - we were surrounded by tall pine trees, green grass, and had a full panoramic view of 3 or 4 different lakes. If there is one word to sum all of this up, it is WOW!

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Women Traveling Alone? Why Not!

AImagere you itching to go away and take an adventurous holiday? Do you need some time to self-reflect and dance to your own beat? Are you finding it hard to co-ordinate travel itinerary with family and friends? If your answer to these questions is a unanimous 'yes', then why not follow the increasing UK trend, rent a car and take your next trip solo?

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Bring a Local When Jogging in Massai Land

ImageIn my 3rd year of University I spent a semester in Kenya. Since I was majoring in Archaeology, traveling to Kenya granted me the fabulous opportunity to observe, first hand, much of what I had only been able to see thus far in textbooks and photographic journals.

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Helicopters and Limos: The High Life

ImageBack in my early 20's I spent a few years working as a fashion model. Now, 14 years later, this experience seems like a lifetime ago. There were many highlights of this crazy time. Perhaps one of the most memorable of these was my weekend spent flying across New York City in a helicopter over to Atlantic City for a fun-filled night of gambling (not at my expense of course!).

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Some Tips for Traveling with Young Children

ImageAnyone who has ever flown with young children should be given an award (or at least be awarded with a strong drink upon arrival!). Never has my patience level been tested more than when flying with my 3 young children.

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RUN!! For Your Connecting Flight

ImageHas your flight ever been delayed causing you to enter into a state of panic for fear of missing your connection?  I am sure that 95% of people who read this will be able to answer in the affirmative.  Missing a flight and having to wait for hours for a connection is annoying, boring and completely anger inducing.  It's an inevitable occurrence that inflicts most travelers.  (If it has not yet happened to you, do not feel special, as your day will come!)

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Lost in Line Space

One of my favorite business trips is San Francisco to Los Angeles. After all it's only one hour in the air! Oooops, I forgot about the six hours on the ground.

Let's not bore you with the usual horror stories of traffic, missed taxis and car pileups on the freeway. Today's rant is strictly educational. It's all about tips, tricks, and techniques for handling the infamous airport lineup.


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