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Cheap San Francisco Airport Car Rentals (SFO)

Cheap Car Rentals at San Francisco International

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United Van Rentals

Years in business: 7

552 ratings | 542 Reviews
A family owned business, serving much of California, Nevada and Arizona
Minimum Age 21
Rents for cash NO
Airport Service Airport pickup
Local Area Pickup/Dropoff YES

Address: 806 South Airport Boulevard, San Francisco,CA, United States

Vehicles: Vans


Years in business: N/A

0 ratings
Minimum Age N/A
Rents for cash N/A
Airport Service N/A
Local Area Pickup/Dropoff N/A

Address: , San Francisco,CA, United States

Vehicles: N/A

Car Rentals at San Francisco International

San Francisco is a world of hilly terrains, scenic beauty, rolling summer fog and is the Bay Area’s heart and soul. And San Francisco International is the best way to get in and out of this wondrous city in streamlined fashion. The airport is a world unto itself. A major transport area for both United Airlines and Virgin America, passengers have access to a broad range of eateries, shopping opportunities, medical assistance and even the chance to take a shower before grabbing the keys to their cheap car rental. There’s fun recreation like the Kids’ Spot and the Aviation Museum & Library. Or retreat to the Berman Reflection Room or the Christian Science Reading Room for some tranquil reading or to simply close your eyes in serene silence. You can also explore the terminals for rotating exhibitions of art curated by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

San Francisco AIrport Map

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is one of the primary airports serving international flights in California. Popularly called SFO, the airport serves major destinations all across North America as well as Europe, Australasia and Asia and is aptly termed as the "Gateway to the Pacific".

Transportation: BART Rapid Rail, Sam Trans bus system, SFO Long-Term Parking shuttles, shared-ride vans and cheap car rentals are popular mode of transport from SFO.

For a visual map of the types of shops available at San Francisco International Airport, please refer to the link below:

San Francisco AIrport Map

Hiring rental vehicles from the many popular car rental agencies is another option available for passengers. Having cheap car rentals waiting for you as you land in SFO, will save you considerable time and energy. The rental car center located on the airport grounds will also give you easy access to rental vehicles. You can pick up any of the rentals parked at the center, and proceed with your journey. The blue line air trains at the airport will bring you directly to this car rental center. Ensure that you carry the telephone number of your rental agency on your cell phone. This will enable you to give them a call, as soon as you land at SFO to inquire about their shuttle timings. The rental agencies featured at CRX and popular in San Francisco are:

  • LAX Van Rentals
  • Exclusive Car Rental
  • United Van Rentals
  • Avalon Transportation Service
  • Super Cheap Car Rental
SFO Attractions Things to Do

SFO Attractions

No more long and tedious waits can bore you as you wait for your flights. If you have plenty of time to kill between flights, take time out to enjoy the number of passenger services offered by the airport.

Aquarium: Steinhart Aquarium from the California Academy of Sciences supports the aquarium at Terminal 1. The aquarium can be found near gates 40-48 at the departures and ticketing level.

Berman Reflection Room: If you are seeking some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the airport traffic, the Berman Reflection Room is the perfect choice.

Kids' Spot: Traveling with kids? Don’t worry. SFO has designed an interactive exploration area for kids that will keep even the fussiest kids entertained. You can find the Kids’ Spot at the Terminal 3 near Gate 87A.

Spa: The airport spa will help ensure you are impeccably groomed and relaxed for your journey. Find time for massages, facials, manicures and pedicures before you get onto your flight.

Restaurants: San Francisco International Airport has a wide range of restaurant options to choose from. Enjoy sushi, teriyaki, sashimi and other Japanese delicacies at Ebisu or snack out with sandwiches, salads and baked goodies at Deli’s Café. Burger King, Firewood Grill, Fung Lum, Jalapeno Grill, Max’s the Greek are just some of the other restaurants that encompass a wide range of cuisine to meet the different choices of the visitors.

Shopping: The Body Shop, Burberry, Compass Books, DFS Duty free galleria, Erwin Pearl, Ghirardelli, Gucci, Marilla are just some of the retail stores where you can shop till you drop. Almost everything is available at SFO.

Things to do in San Francisco

It is easier than you may think to find a cheap car rental in San Francisco; with the help of Here, you will not need to spend a fortune on your family vacation, instead, you can book your rental car and have it ready when you arrive; saving you not only money but time as well. This time and money saver will help you to truly enjoy your time in San Francisco, to go to Aquarium of the Bay or the Fisherman’s wharf wax museum; with so much to do and see, be sure to rent your San Francisco rental car at

Aquarium at the Bay

At the Aquarium at the Bay, you will find what you normally would at an aquarium; sharks and other aquatic animals in their natural habitat. What makes the Aquarium at the Bay different is that you can watch various presentations as well as feeding plus, you can also choose to go on a guided tour of the aquarium, so you do not miss anything that you might if you take yourself through. Just a short 15 minute drive from the airport, you can pick up your cheap San Francisco car rentals and check out the aquarium from there; even if you only have a few hour layover.

Fisherman’s Wharf Wax Museum

This is not your typical wax museum; while it does have wax sculptures of various historic figures, it also has a chamber of horrors where the weak of heart do not want to go. If you do not want to be frightened in the chamber of horrors, then maybe you should check out King Tut or the sports and entertainment exhibits. No matter what you are interested in, or how different the people in your family are from each other, everyone is sure to find something to entertain them here. Your cheap San Francisco rental car will help you to get here quickly and easily when is on your side.