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Vans for all your needs: Moving People or Cargo, conveniently.

Passenger vans are an affordable and flexible way to move groups of people who matter to you. If you need to move materials then take advantage of the secure and enclosed space of a cargo van. works with a number of independent agencies that specialize in van rental services. We also have agencies that rent a variety of types of vehicles - including passenger vans, cargo vans and minivans. People rent from us because we have cheaper vans than the major brands and they come back because our agencies try harder.

How to Find Vans Cars Using

1Navigate to the rate search box at the top of this page.
2Enter the city you wish to rent a vehicle in
3Select the dates you wish to rent the vehicle.
4Click on "Search for Rates."

You will be taken to a search results page showing all of the Vans vehicles available for rent. Here you can compare prices and vehicles and choose a location where you would like to pick up the vehicle. You can sort these listings by price, distance from downtown or airport, ratings and agency name.

You can also change currency on that page to compare prices easier. It is currently defaulted to US dollars but that is easily changed. The search results page also has information about the car rental agencies as well as ratings and reviews that are one click away.

You can also check map results to see where the agencies are located so that you can make sure the car you need is close to where you will need to pick it up. In many cases our agencies are located near or on the lot of major airports or in the downtown area of larger cities.

Some agencies offer free pickup service but this is not always possible. Check the agency profile page to see what free services they might offer to their customers.

Specialty Vehicles

Sports Cars
Sports Cars

Van Rental Information

Pickup truck

F1 50

For renters looking for serious towing and cargo toting.

Passanger van

Dodge Caravan

Extended family travel in style.

Cargo van

GMC Savanna

Another great rental option for your business.

Sports van

Ford Transit

Though and roomy...tailor-made for outdoor roadtrips.


Chevy Tahoe

The extra room needed for those special family outings.

Moving truck

Chevrolet Express

Great rental for moving your home or business.

There are numerous reasons for renting a van. A few of them include the following:

  • Extended family vacations
  • Short trips with a large group
  • Commercial or business purposes
  • Moving your home or business
  • Sports teams
  • School trips
  • Special events

We have some of the cheapest rental vans in the industry. Check prices above by entering your pickup city or airport. This is the location you will be renting the vehicle from. Then enter your pickup date and return date.

From there you will be taken to the rate search listings, which is where you will see the vans we have for rent. Depending on the city, you will see different van options including 7-passenger, 8-passenger, 9-passenger, 12-passenger and 15-passenger vans as well as minivans and full size cargo vans. Some locations may have less options but you should still be able to find a cheap van rental in most cities.

We have a few cities with a huge number of rental vans. These cities include, but are not limited to, Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada and Toronto, Ontario.

We rent all kinds of vans including 7-passenger minivans like the Dodge Grand Caravan and Kia Sedona, 8-passenger vans like the Toyota Sienna, large Ford & Chevy cargo vans, 12-passenger Ford E-350 vans and even 15-passenger vans in some cities such as Los Angeles. Executive Van Rentals, for example, will rent very large vans in the Los Angeles area. Each agency will carry different vehicles but you can expect more variety in larger North American cities. At the very least most of the smaller cities will have minivans for rent. The easiest way to check is to use the rate search box on top of this page. Enter the city you need a car in and click "Search for Rates."

We rent thousands of vans each year because our pricing is great and our agencies care about every single customer that walks in their door. Try one of our rental vans today - you'll be glad you did!

Finding cheap van rentals near you is not all that difficult. A quick google search will yield you tons of results. However, the challenge with a google search is that you will have to go through all the results to find the cheapest van rental company.

So what do you do?

Car Rental Express website offers a wide range of vans to suit your transportation needs. We have a pool of car and cheap van rentals agencies that work efficiently to address your needs and to provide you with the best possible solution so that you can save money.

Whatever the reason(s) for you wanting to rent a passenger van you need to know a few things before deciding. These include the following:

There are several reasons why you would want to rent a van instead of using a car or any other mode of transportation. For example, if you are moving to a new home, picking up furniture or just taking a family trip you would think about getting a large van that can handle the pressure – but one that is cheap.

With this thought, you would start searching for cheap van rentals near you that provide cheap vans for rent that can handle your load. You also want to know that the transportation you have will allow you and your family to travel in comfort and style.

At Car Rental Express you will find vans for rent that can carry any amount of load and up to 15 passengers or even more. You can choose from any of the following:

  • 7 passenger van rental
  • 8 passenger van rental
  • 9 passenger van rental
  • 12 passenger van rental
  • 12 seater van rental
  • 15 passenger van rental

What should I do to find the Cheapest Van Rental near Me?

When searching for cheap van rentals there are a few things dos and don’ts.

  • Do not accept the first cheap van rentals that you come across. Shop around first to compare prices and availability.
  • If you are traveling, avoid using the airport as your pick-up point. This can be quite expensive.
  • Make sure that you are clear about your fuel and mileage requirements. For instance, if you are traveling to New York you should remind your van rental NYC about your requirements.
  • Do business with cheap van Rentals Company, like us, that has friendly and efficient staff that will help to guide you and provide you with information that is tailored to your needs.
  • Make sure that your cheap van rental company or agency provide after-sales service. This will help if a problem arise after the vehicle is delivered to you.
  • Safe Money – if you are traveling in a group you can save money with a cheap van rental. Some cheap van rental companies will offer discounts and vouchers, if available.
  • Reliable means of transportation – the fact that you will have your own transportation give you the freedom to go anywhere whenever you want without depending on public transportation.
  • Less Hassle – compare to some expensive van rental companies, most cheap van rentals or agency are easy to deal with and are more efficient.

Take a look at the cheap van rentals questions and answers below and get yours today.

  • What will happen if I decide to extend my cheap van rental period?

Car Rental Express will make every effort to extend your use of the initial vehicle or provide a ‘Swap Out” at your current location, with a similar unit.  

  • Is the Van Rental Driver restricted?

Restrictions such as a number of drivers covered, minimum and maximum ages for drivers, varies from cheap van rentals agency.  It is usually listed in the contract.

  • Do I need insurance for renting a van?

Again, all cheap van rentals companies have their own policies. When you choose the agency of your choice from Car Rental Express you will read their terms and conditions concerning insurance.

To rent or hire a van is easier when you use Car Rental Express.  

It is vital that you partner with the right website to give you quality transportation at the cheapest cost.   If you desire to have a hassle free road trip, holiday or excursion, Car Rental Express will help you to partner with the right cheap van rentals company to suit your budget and needs.  Rental transportation should be hassle-free, get rates and reserve your car today.