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Choose the Best Car Rental Service in Salt Lake City

Renting a car is nothing less than a challenge in Salt Lake City, USA. The overwhelming information on the Internet can give you a hard time locating a provider for cheap car rentals in Salt Lake City?

However, in this regard, you can simplify matters by following some do and don’ts. This way, you can get to know about a provider that can address your traveling needs within your budget.

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Affordable Airport Car Rental Service in Los Angeles

Apart from movies, Los Angeles is also famous for several other reasons that offer endless possibilities to visitors. If you are planning to visit this city, it may not be enough for you to explore the whole city in just a day or two. Usually, you would need to spend at least a few days to explore the length and breadth of this sprawling city in Southern California.

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Trip to Romania: What to do in Bucharest and Targu Mures

After a 3 hour flight from Israel to Romania and a few minor issues going through customs (not worth detailing here), I picked up my cheap car rental and drove into the beautiful city of Bucharest. First off, it's cold here! I am coming from +18 degree celsius weather, so the -4 or so is a bit overwhelming. Good thing I packed my Canadian parka, scarf, hat, and long-johns. But nevermind the cold, there is so much to see and do here so I really can't complain.

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Valentine's Day in NYC!

We are less than a month away from Valentine's Day!  On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 we will be celebrating the infamous Saint Valentine's Day - the day that represents our expression of love and admiration towards our loved ones.  What a fun holiday!  Most people celebrate by going out for romantic dinners,  sending their loved ones chocolates, candies, jewelry and other such gifts.  Decorations include hearts, chocolates, red and pink roses and of course, Cupid.  The latter is a winged figure with a bow and arrow.  According to mythology, Cupid strikes people in the heart so they will fal

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Renting a Car with your Children - Discover the Desert in Israel!

I have made a vow that I will rent a cheap car and take my girls on a roadtrip. As I've said many times already, we live in Israel and there is so much to do and see here. While the country is tiny (you can drive from north to south in 8 hours!) it is abundant with natural wonders, breathtaking scenery, lively cities, tree laden forests, the desert alive with nomads and camels and everything in between.

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Christmas in Canada!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is only 10 days away. The season of beautiful decorative lights, Christmas trees and Santa Clause is quickly approaching. If you are thinking of renting a cheap car and traveling through Canada there are many sights to be seen. Pack up your family, take some friends or join some colleagues and visit some of what Canada has to offer at this brilliant time of year.


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Renter Rated Awards Winners Announced renters have named Rugged Rental in Salt Lake City as the overall winner of the 2017 Renter Rated Program Award.

“We are thrilled to announce that this year’s winner for the overall highest number of positive ratings is Rugged Rental”, said Robyn Moreno, Senior Account Manager at “Rugged Rental scored the highest in the Renter Rated Program”.

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Great Reasons to Rent a 12-15 Passenger Van

Are you part of a large group wanting to take a road trip? Are you looking for a cheap car rental so that you can all travel together? Well, there's good news for you: try renting a cheap 12-15 Passenger Van so that you and your family and/or friends can all travel together. There are so many reasons why taking this route is the best option.

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