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Women Traveling Alone? Why Not!

AImagere you itching to go away and take an adventurous holiday? Do you need some time to self-reflect and dance to your own beat? Are you finding it hard to co-ordinate travel itinerary with family and friends? If your answer to these questions is a unanimous 'yes', then why not follow the increasing UK trend, rent a car and take your next trip solo?

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Car Rental (CRX) Website Is Rebuilt

Still featuring independent agencies, who offer the most affordable online rentals. ExpressITech is pleased to announce this week's launch of an entirely new and rebuilt website at Car Rental (CRX). This new site is live and ready to view. Car Rental Express is different. It does not feature any major brands. The agencies shown on this site are independently owned and frequently offer the best rates.

(PRWEB) June 11, 2010 -- Vancouver, BC, June 8, 2010

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The Do's and Don'ts About Car Rentals and Car Seats

ImageAny parent knows that traveling with young children isn't easy. Probably one of the biggest challenges is having to pack and remember all of the items that will be needed while away on a trip. There are the activities to bring on the plane, lots of snacks and meals (as well all know that airlines have ceased to feed us on at least shorter-haul flights), potty seat covers, wipes, diapers, bottles, toys, strollers, etc., etc.

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Bring a Local When Jogging in Massai Land

ImageIn my 3rd year of University I spent a semester in Kenya. Since I was majoring in Archaeology, traveling to Kenya granted me the fabulous opportunity to observe, first hand, much of what I had only been able to see thus far in textbooks and photographic journals.

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Helicopters and Limos: The High Life

ImageBack in my early 20's I spent a few years working as a fashion model. Now, 14 years later, this experience seems like a lifetime ago. There were many highlights of this crazy time. Perhaps one of the most memorable of these was my weekend spent flying across New York City in a helicopter over to Atlantic City for a fun-filled night of gambling (not at my expense of course!).

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RUN!! For Your Connecting Flight

ImageHas your flight ever been delayed causing you to enter into a state of panic for fear of missing your connection?  I am sure that 95% of people who read this will be able to answer in the affirmative.  Missing a flight and having to wait for hours for a connection is annoying, boring and completely anger inducing.  It's an inevitable occurrence that inflicts most travelers.  (If it has not yet happened to you, do not feel special, as your day will come!)

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Beware of the Mazatlan Mountain View

ImageWhich part of this street looks like a mountain to you? To me, it is much flatter than that, with more cars than mountain goats. What is really missing, in an entire fleet of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself in this story about the innocent title of "Mountain View Room" in Mazatlan.

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