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How to Keep Your Rental Car Safe

Keep Your Rental Car SafeDrivers tend to use their cars for much more than driving. Cars are often used as mobile fast food booths, hiding places, shelters from the elements, and—for the daring and less discriminating—as a place to sleep. Because your rental car will be a sort of home away from home when you're traveling, you'll want to take a few simple precautions to protect it and the valuables you leave inside of it.

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Pros and Cons of Renting a Hybrid Car Rental

Hybrid Car RentalsMany “green” travelers are embracing hybrid car rental as the future of business and leisure travel. So what’s the big deal?


Are hybrid car rentals really an economical and environmentally smart choice? Car Rental Express reviews the pros and cons of hybrid car rentals and whether or not you should go green during your upcoming rental car vacation.





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Car Rental Road Trip Boredom Busters

Boredom"Are we there yet?" "Mom, he's touching me!" "Dad, she looked at me again!" "Punch Buggy, no punch back!" Many parents have probably heard these and similar cries from their children when going on any sort of road trip longer than an hour or so, especially when the trip is made in a rental car during the holidays. Keeping kids busy – or at least out of trouble – on a road trip is one of the toughest feats a parent can achieve. 

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How to Pack Your Car Rental for a Family Vacation

Packing Your CarDo you hate packing your car for a family vacation? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Anyone who’s ever had to pack a car rental for a holiday family trip knows just how frustrating this process can be. Dad insists he has the perfect strategy, while Mom refuses to give up control. Even the kids can be a nuisance, insisting that certain items remain accessible for the duration of the trip.

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Tips for Driving Your Car Rental in the Rain

Driving in  the RainRain, rain, go away, come again when I’m not driving an unfamiliar car rental! Driving an unfamiliar vehicle during inclement weather isn’t just frustrating – it can also be downright dangerous. Rain takes the blame for thousands of car accidents every year. Sadly, many of these accidents are preventable.

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The Dangers of Driving Tired

Driving TiredDriving while tired is dangerous. In fact, a recent European study has shown that prolonged nighttime driving can be as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. Published in the Journal of Sleep Research, this study clams that nearly 20% of motorized vehicle accidents in industrialized countries can be attributed to driver fatigue.

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How to Pack the Trunk of Your Car Rental Properly

Packing Your Trunk ProperlyPacking for a car rental road trip is tough. First you need to try and remember all of the necessary items. Then you’re stuck with the frustrating task of trying to jam everything into the truck of an unfamiliar vehicle! Packing the boot of a car rental takes time and meticulous planning.

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Occasions that Call for a Luxury Car Rental

Exotic Car RentalsAre you struggling to think of a great Christmas gift to give to a loved one? You’ve done flowers and chocolates, jewelry and expensive dinners. Now, with only a few shopping days left until Christmas, you’re down to the wire. Think it’s too late to find something that will really knock the socks off your Secret Santa? Think again!

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