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It's Never Too Early to Plan for Labor Day Weekend!

The arrival of September may mean back-to-school shopping and gearing up for the change of seasons, but it also brings Labor Day celebrations on the first of the month. There may never be enough summer days to satisfy, but you can squeeze out the last drops of sunshine with an exciting Labor Day weekend.

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A Nice Little Pat on the Back

It's always nice to get positivie feedback from clients.  In fact, that has to be one of THE most rewarding parts of my job.  Being the Account Manager at Express ITech/Car Rental Express has allowed me to develop deep relationships with many of our agencies and their employees.  Some I have known for over 10 years (and believe it or not, I haven't met any in person -

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Midway Car Rental Wins 2013 Renter Rated Award

The Renter Rated Program is something that I've written about before.  To summarize:

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CRX Attends Anual ACRA Show

This posting is a bit overdue, so my apologies to all.  But better late than never...

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The Best Part of My Job - Awarding Renters with an iPad Mini!

Many of my previous blogs have focussed on current events, travel news and the like.  This time I would like to be a tad more personal and tell you a bit aobut my job here  (or more specifically, tell you about the favourite part of my job).  I wear many hats here at Express ITech/Car Rental Express.  I write weekly Blogs, send out invoices, manage accounts, sell our products and services - these are all tasks that take up my days.  And while they are excitin

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Renter Rated - CRX is in Auto Rental News!

Even though it's almost been a month since the Auto Rental Summit in Hollywood, FL, the air is still abuzz with excitement over Car Rental Express' Renter Rated Program.  As the short article in Auto Rental News explains,

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The 2013 Auto Rental Summit is Around the Bend

How is it possible that it's already mid-October?  Seems like yesterday that I was packing the car full of towels, shovels, buckets and suntan lotion with kids in tow to spend the day at the glorious beach.  And now...

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Eagle Rider now Represented at CRX

For those of you who like to live on the wild side, brace yourself because you can now rent with Eagle Rider at Car Rental Express.  The only thing holding me back is that I don't have a motorcycle license, but boy if I did...  The person probably happiest about having Eagle Rider represented at CRX is the Chair of the company since he is a  MAJOR motorcyle ent

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Talk About a Good Car Rental Deal - CRX Announces Road Trip Winner!

ImageCan you think of a better deal than being awarded a 14 day all expenses paid adventure of a lifetime?  Well, I can't and I want to personally congratulate Phil Diehl.  As far as car rental deals go this takes the cake - the rental is free!  OK, I guess technically you can't refer to winning a contest as a deal but nevertheless it is a pretty sweet setup.  


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CRX American Road Trip Contest

CRX American Road Trip ContestIf you've always wanted to embark on a cross-country road trip – now's your chance! CRX is giving away the ultimate American road trip to two lucky car rental customers. So pack your bag, buckle up, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!


Win an All Expenses Paid Road Trip

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