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Take Advantage of CRX's Renter Ratings

InImage his article Survey Shows Most Travelers Unaware of Preferred Vendors, Michael Baker explains that most corporate travellers are not aware of their company's preferred travel vendors.  Instead, they rely on word of mouth to make decisions when renting cars and/or opting for other means of transportation while away on business.  The chauffeured car supplier BostonCoach surveyed more than 800 travelers and 61% said that they receive no formal instruction as to where they should be booking transportation for business-related travel.

When renting a car you want to be sure that you get the most value for your dollar.  Car Rental Expres has devised the Renter Rated Program that allows renters to rate the agencies with which they have just rented.  The categories that are rated are:

  • Overall Rating
  • Promptness
  • Rate-Quote Honored
  • Staff Knowledge
  • Courteousness
  • Vehicle Availability
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Fairness of Policies
  • Good Value
  • Would Rent Again
  • Recommend to Others

I value others' opinions tremendously when making travel plans.  And when renting a car this is all the more important.  For example, I once rented a minivan in Toronto for myself, my husband and my children.  We picked up the vehicle, loaded the children up in their car seats and started driving.  Two seconds later one of my daughters piped up, "Mom, what's this?".  I turned around and was in utter shock to see my four-year-old holding an empty beer bottle.  My husband stopped the car, I grabbed the beer bottle and investigated further.  Low and behold the back passenger area of the van was laden with 2 or 3 more beer bottles and beer caps.  Disgusting?  Most definitely!  Would I rent with this agency again?  Absolutely not!  Will I pass on this information to other renters so that they do not have the same experience as we did?  Without a doubt!

A great way for potential renters to be well-informed when making the decision about renting a vehicle is by reading an agency's overall Renter Rating.  Here they can see the pluses and minuses of every agency listed on Car Rental Express and choose the agency that looks the best.  Why waste your time and money on anything less than superb?  I know that I sure won't make that same mistake again!

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