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Ten Tips to Avoid Road Rage

Road RageThink your aggressive driving is acceptable on the roadways? Think again. Yelling, gesturing and retaliation aren't just unacceptable actions, they're down right unsafe (and often illegal). From tailgating to speeding, aggressive driving causes many independent car rental drivers to lose their cool behind the wheel.

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The Best Car Rentals for Tall Drivers

Car Rentals for Tall riversThere are lots of benefits to being tall – sports prowess, extended reach, a commanding presence – the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, so to does the list of disadvantages. Ducking to avoid doorframes, difficulty finding pants that fit, and let's not forget the constant issue of legroom.

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What Should You Do if You're in An Accident?

Car AccidentsCar accidents happen when we least expect them. Whether it's a minor fender bender or a major collision, it pays to have a plan of action prepared in case you are ever involved in an accident while driving your rental vehicle. How you react could prevent future injuries, reduce repair damages, and accelerate the clean up and repair process. 


Immediately After Impact

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How to Safely Share the Road with Transport Trucks

Transport TrucksSharing the road with a big, noisy truck can be scary, especially if you're driving an unfamiliar car rental. The length and width alone of these large vehicles can often create special driving situations for those operating smaller vehicles. In order to safely share the road with a truck, you need to be aware of its capabilities and limitations.

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Tips for Driving in a Rural Area

Rural Driving TipsLiving in a rural area tends to be a peaceful experience, and some people like nothing better than to escape from a busy city and head to the tranquility of the countryside. Which is great… until you encounter rural roads for the first time!


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