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How to Drive in Rain Storms

I live in a part of the world where the weather is generally hot, dry and much of the time, dusty.  Summers can reach 40 degrees celcius or more.  Driving is no problem as the streets are dry - and is often quite relaxing because you can sit in your air conditioned rental car to escape the heat.  That said, even though the winter is short here, it definitely comes with a vengeance.

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How to Stay Alert on a Long Drive

When you’re in for a long car drive, coffee alone won’t keep you safe when you start nodding off. Here’s how to stay wide-eyed even when the road before you seems endless.


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Tips for Staying Safe While Driving on Icy Roads

Getting snowed in during the wintertime can be fun - you have a day off of work or school, you can curl up under a blanket with hot chocolate, and you may even head outside to build a snowman or get into a snowball fight.

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How to Safely Get Around Town on New Year’s Eve

Partying hard on New Year’s Eve? Heading out for a romantic dinner with your main squeeze? Unless you’re staying firmly on your couch, with champagne and movies as your only entertainment for the night, you’ll benefit from a few New Year’s Eve safety tips.

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CRX Urges You to be Extra Safe this Halloween

Every Halloween, there’s an increased number of pedestrians strolling around the streets, which means that drivers have to be even more alert and aware than usual. According to Examiner.com, the risk of automobile accidents that involve young pedestrians goes up by 400% on Halloween.

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Slow Down - There May Just be a Toddler on the Curb!

Since I was up most of last night haunted by images of what I experienced yesterday I figured it might be therapeutic to get my story down on virtual 'paper'.  And my story is definitely relevant to this site since it may convince you to be safer on the roads and avoid speeding the next time you find a great car rental deal and cruise the streets.

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There's an App for That: Mobile Apps to Help Curb Distracted Driving

Driving AppsDistracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents and traffic citations on the road today.  Whether it be talking on your cell phone, texting, or answering emails, each of these actions takes your eyes off the road and puts you, your vehicle, and other drivers in danger. Luckily, there are several mobile applications to help curb distracted drivers.

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Tips to Avoid a Traffic Ticket

How to avoid a traffic ticketNobody wants to be pulled over by a police officer. Even more, no one enjoys receiving a traffic ticket, especially if you are on a car rental vacation. Whether you're driving on a highway, down a rural road, or on busy city streets, it's important to remember the police are there for your protection, and for the protection of others on the road. So don't be foolish – drive smart!

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Is That Actually Illegal? Strange Driving Laws

Illegal DrivingRemove your blindfold before driving, no driving on the roads, and no horn honking where sandwiches are present. They might seem ludicrous, but across North America, there are some unusual road rules that could land you a ticket if you don't obey them.

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How to Tell If You Car has ABS Brakes

ABS brakes and your car rentalWhen you need to stop in a hurry, ABS brakes are one of the automotive industries best innovations. ABS, also known as an anti-lock braking system, helps your vehicle avoid skidding when you apply the brakes. By avoiding the lock of your wheels, and allowing your wheels to maintain interactive traction with the road, ABS brakes are known to improve control while stopping.

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