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How to Avoid Rental Car Rip-Offs

Unfortunately, there’s not a segment of the travel industry that’s free of rip-offs, and the rental car industry is no exception. Here’s what to be aware of and how to avoid common rental car scams.

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Staying Organized: Your Pre-Car Rental Checklist

Excited about a car rental deal? There are a lot of things to get in order before embarking on your trip.

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How to Handle a Rental Car Accident

The last thing you’d expect to happen during a road trip or vacation is to get into an accident.

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What You Should Know About Pre-Paid Auto Rentals

For most of the travel industry, pre-paid reservations are the norm - you can’t book a hotel room or a plane ticket without paying at least part of the price upfront.

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What You Should Know About Rental Car Insurance

If you’ve ever rented a car, you’re familiar with the insurance-pushing the agent will do before you leave the counter.

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Checklist and Tips for Returning a Rental Car

Getting a great car rental deal?

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5 Tips for Business Travelers

Today’s entrepreneurs tend to spend more time on the road than in their office. At first, this sounds exciting - exploring new areas! Meeting new people!

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6 Ways to Save On Rental Cars

Whether you’re hoping to get out of town to avoid another snow storm or you’re already planning your summer vacation, it’s never too early to brush up on rental car tips.

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It's the Small Things that Make a Rental Successful

It's the Small Things that Make a Rental SuccessfulI saw this video on Youtube and couldn't resist commenting.  Take a look and then come back...

... Have you watched it?  OK, good.  Comments?

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Moving Cities - the Trials and Tribulations

I need to vent again - so thanks for listening.  The big news is that my family is moving homes (well, it's big news for me at least) and I am now sitting in a stupour of utter and complete anxiety.  What does moving have to be so stressful?  It is seriously considered one of life's MOST taxing events/processes.  And it makes sense, you have to sell or rent out your current place, find a new one in the location where you want to be that is up to your standards

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