Top Ten Worst
Driving Habits
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Top Ten Worst Driving Habits

Bad DrivingHow many of the following driving boo-boos have you committed lately? Car Rental Express looks at the top ten worst driving habits and how they affect our daily commute.


10. Tailgating

 Tailgating is a dangerous and intimidating driving habit that causes thousands of accidents every year. In fact, the number of rear-endings would be reduced drastically is drivers everywhere just stuck to the three second rule (i.e. leaving at least three seconds worth of space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you). 


9. Distracted Driving

Whether you're chatting on your cell phone or chowing down on fast food, distracted driving is becoming a deadly habit amongst independent car rental customers. When traveling in your rental, remember to keep any distractions in the back seat. If you need to program your GPS, do so before you pull out into traffic. Even the smallest of distractions can result in a catastrophic event.


8. Proper Lane Usage

When driving on a dual- or multi-lane highway, remember the rules of the road – always stay to the right unless overtaking a slower moving vehicle (or if you're traveling in the UK, stay to the left). When you continue to cruise along at a moderate speed in the fast lane, you're forcing other drivers to pass illegally using the slow lane. 


7. Improper Seat Positioning

When you first pick up your independent car rental it is essential that you spend the first few minutes adjusting the seat to suit your stature. Driving a car with an incorrect seating position is dangerous and could lead to distracted driving. When positioning your seat, make sure that you're close enough to reach the pedals but not so close that you're left feeling cramped. Your arms should be slightly bent, with your shoulders against the seat back. Your knees should also be slightly bent when the pedals are pushed to the floor. 


6. Proper Use of Indicators

Turning on your indicator doesn’t automatically mean it's safe to pull out into traffic. Before you make your move, make sure you check the flow of traffic around your vehicle to ensure it's safe to carry out your lane change or turn. The old saying "Mirror, signal, maneuver" is still the proper standard; so don't forget to follow it. Of course, it goes without saying that you should always use your indicator when turning or changing lanes. The only thing worse that drivers who indicate at the last minute are those who forget to use their indicators at all.


5. Merging Madness

For whatever reason, merging onto a highway or freeway seems to cause a lot of independent car rental drivers difficulty. Avoid merging madness with these two tips: 1) when merging, make sure you use the full length of the onramp to bring your vehicle up to speed, and 2) if you're already on the freeway, move over to provide merging vehicles with additional space.


4. Speeding

Everyone knows the dangers of speeding, however many of us have difficulty recognizing just how fast our vehicle is moving. Modern mechanics has a lot to blame for this (improved insulation and suspension make it hard to "feel" when you're moving quickly), but that's really no excuse for traveling 70/mph in a 50/mph zone. Regularly glancing at your speedometer should help solve this problem. 


3. Talking to Passengers

If you're driving with other people in the car, it's almost impossible not to engage them in conversation. Unfortunately, the mere act of chatting could put you in danger. If the conversation becomes animated, it's very easy to become distracted and lose focus on the road. If you feel that the conversation is impacting your ability to safely operate your independent car rental pull over or cut the conversation short.


2. Emotional Driving

It's never a good idea to get behind the wheel of a vehicle when you're feeling emotionally unstable. Whether you're angry at your boss or depressed about a recent break-up, now is not the time to take a drive. You're likely too upset to pay attention to the road, which could lead to an accident.


1. Drinking and Driving

Alcohol and independent car rentals don't mix. If you're going to drink during a night out, leave your keys at home and call a cab. 


Don't let these bad driving habits put your life and the lives of your passengers in jeopardy. Always remember to follow the rules of the road when driving your independent car rental.


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