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The Best Car Rentals for Tall Drivers

Car Rentals for Tall riversThere are lots of benefits to being tall – sports prowess, extended reach, a commanding presence – the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, so to does the list of disadvantages. Ducking to avoid doorframes, difficulty finding pants that fit, and let's not forget the constant issue of legroom. When you're tall, everything seems to be one size too small, and that includes car rentals.


It doesn't matter how many times you scan the manufacturers' specs or review customer feedback, it's tough to tell how spacious a vehicle really is until you actually drive it.  Of course, that's virtually impossible when looking for a last minute rental. To help you narrow down possible rental candidates, we've polled the taller staff members here at CRX to see just which rental vehicles they'd recommend to others who are vertically blessed.


What to Look For in a Spacious Car Rental

When you're scanning car rental comparison websites for spacious rentals, you'll obviously want to look for models that offer ample headroom and legroom. Not surprisingly, tall-bodied rentals are always your best bet. Not only do these models provide a roomy interior, taller drivers can get into them without a lot of stooping or bending. Popular tall-bodied car rentals include full-size pickup trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, Dodge Ram and Nissan Titan.


The adjustability of your seat should also be a top consideration. Drivers with long torsos will want to review the provisions for seat-height adjustment (your main concern will be whether or not the seat will drop low enough to fit your tall frame). Believe it or not, a sunroof can eat up two or three inches of headroom, so try to avoid rentals that offer this added perk. While seat-height adjustment is useful for drivers with long torsos, long-legged drivers will want to review the range of the seat-track (i.e. how far back the seat will go). Finally, drivers that have abnormally large feet will want to check out the specs for footwells in potential rentals. Renters will want to look for vehicles that offer extra space between pedals, and enough room to rest your left foot comfortably.


A Note on Steering Wheels

Not all car rental steering wheels are created equally. If you're taller than average, make sure you request a rental with a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel. The best car rentals for tall drivers feature both adjustable seats and an adjustable steering wheel, enabling you to create a custom driver cockpit setup that suits your unique needs.


Ten Car Rentals Designed for Tall Drivers

Having trouble finding a rental that suits your stature? Here are ten great recommendations from the staff here at Car Rental Express (in no particular order):


1)    Honda Element
This tall, boxy vehicle offers a tall-bodied design similar to full-size pickup trucks. Perfect for folks 6' and over.

2)    Hyundai Elantra
This inexpensive economy car rental features two-way seat-bottom tilt, along with a number of other seat adjustment tools.

3)    Chrysler PT Cruiser
While this rental car may seem small, it offers a surprisingly spacious interior. Expect a wide footwell, ample headroom and tons of legroom inside this stylish wagon.

4)    Buick LeSabre
Long-legged drivers will find plenty of space inside this traditional full-sized sedan rental.

5)    Ford Escape (or Mazda Tribute)
These small SUVs offer a wide range of seat-height adjustments. Most rental models also come with a tilt steering wheel.

6)    Nissan Armada
If you're looking for something slightly larger than the Escape, try the Nissan Armada. When compared to other large SUVs, like the Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition, the Armada provides the most interior space.

7)    Chrysler 300 (or Dodge Magnum)
Tilt-and-telescoping steering wheels come standard on both of these vehicles. The 300 and Magnum are also larger than most peers in this rental category.

8)    Chevy Malibu
A top rental choice for drivers of all sizes, the Malibu is an especially good pick for tall drivers. A wide range of seat-height adjustments and adjustable pedals make it easy to customize the cockpit to your comfort specifications.

9)    Nissan Altima
The Altima features all the necessary adjustment tools for tall drivers – headroom, legroom, a large footwell and a standard tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel.


And the most unexpected option of all…

10) The Ford Focus

This compact car offers a tall cabin design that opens up a surprising amount of headroom and legroom. If you can find a rental agency that offers the midlevel or high-line model – take it. These models offer a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel.


Looking for a spacious car rental for your upcoming trip? Then check out the CRX car rental comparison tool. Our powerful search system will provide you with dozens of top rental options to choose from.




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