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10 Perfect Places To Visit This Summer

Planning your summer travel? If you’re not locked into locations based on weddings or family reunion obligations, hopefully you have a little destination flexibility. After all, deciding where to go is half the fun.

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The Best Places in North America To Visit In April

April can be a tricky time to travel. Most of the USA schools have spring break in early to mid-April, so popular beach destinations and tourist towns are packed with students and young families. While the hot, humid weather hasn’t usually hit the Deep South, the temperatures can be volatile—and our neighbors to the north in Canada are still experiencing a chill.

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The History of the Car Rental Industry

History of the Car Rental IndustryWhether you're planning a trip to some foreign land or you just need a loaner vehicle while your car's enjoying a tune-up, chances are you've had to rely on a car rental at some point along the way.

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Lessons to be Learned from Israel's Airport Security

ImageDo you ever feel like an idiot standing in line at the security checks at the airport (kind of like the dude in pink underwear pictured to the left)?  Between taking off your shoes, coat, belt, sweater... hey, you might as well completely strip down! 

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Driving Solo: The Preferred Choice

Have Imageyou ever been on a road trip and come close to drop-kicking your co-passenger? While you may have had the best of intentions when renting a car and planning the trip with your best bud, fiance, spouse or children the final result may not have been so pleasurable. There is nothing worse than driving to the tune of a passenger telling you, "Turn left here...

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Mobile Phones: A New Era of Booking Travel!

The Imageworld is a changin' and nothing is leading this change faster than technology.

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Chain Car Rental Agencies Getting Worse

ImageComments from an article taken from USA Today: by Gary Stoller

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Toxic Air on Flights - Rent A Car Instead