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Are you Spending Thousands on Lot Security? If So, Why Not Go Old School?

As I was perusing Auto Rental News this morning I came across an article outlining the best ways to secure car rental lots.  The author discusses many new high-tech solutions that offer the 'best of the best' preventative measures to ensure thugs can't steal vehicle tires, airbags, spare change lying on the passenger seats, maps...

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Sea-Tac Sets a 'Green' Example with their New Car Rental Facility

Every December for the past few years my family has been fortunate to travel to Miami for a visit with my in-laws.  It's always nice to take a break from our frigid Canadian winter weather to bask in Florida's glorious rays.

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Cheap Independent Car Rentals during the Olympics

If you are going to be attending the summer Olympic games in London, then there is a good chance that you are hard at work making all of the necessary travel arrangements to get the most out of your stay. However, one thing that you should not overlook when making these arrangements is your ideal mode of transportation upon your arrival in London. If you are from out of town, then you are going to need a reliable and cheap way of getting around.

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Should the Speed Limit in Ontario (or Anywhere else in Canada for that Matter) be Increased?

ImageAs I was perusing the National Post this morning I came across a nice little video  discussing the pros/cons of increasing the highway speed limit in Ontario.  It doesn't talk about a massive, revolutionary increase

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Sad Events in the World this Week - Do Your Best to Remain Safe on Your Travels

ImageAs I sit here in front of my desk on this gloomy, gray and rainy Vancouver July morning I can't seem to lift my spirits.  I do apologize for the melancholy, I'm usually pretty chipper and wanting to write upbeat blogs.  But I can't seem to do that today.  This has been a sad week.

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California Rent-A-Car Makes the News!

ImageCall me mushy, sentimental, nostalgic or whatever other adjective you can muster up along those lines but I have to say how proud I was to open Auto Rental News and read,

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Rosh Hashana is Nearly Here! Time to Bring out the Apples and Honey!

Shana Tova

Two more days to go and it will be Rosh Hashana - the Jewish New Year. This is a very special time when families get together for festive meals, go to synagogue and in general just hang out together. This year I will be spending Rosh Hashana with a dear friend and her family just outside of Tel Aviv. We'll probably rent a cheap car because taking a taxi during this time is next to impossible.

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Traveling and Visiting with Great Friends

Good Friend BeachThere is nothing better than good friends - dear friends who travel across the globe to come visit. I have been blessed with such friends and dedicate this blog to them. As I've mentioned in past posts I now live in Israel, having left Canada nearly 2 years ago. It's been a huge adjustment and making new friends has been tricky. Maybe I'm picky? Probably, but good friends are hard to find so you must cherish the ones that you have.

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Here’s Where To Go For A Perfect Romantic Getaway

When was the last time you took a trip with your better half? Whether you’ve got an anniversary on the horizon, you need to rekindle the spark or you’d like to take a new love somewhere special, traveling somewhere new is a wonderful way to reconnect and spend time together. There’s something about exploring new horizons that can really bring a couple closer.

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City Spotlight: New Orleans

There’s no place on Earth quite like New Orleans. With an incredible history, all the debauchery of Vegas with all the family-friendly fun of Disneyland and plenty of things to see and do, this is a destination for everyone.

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