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Are you Spending Thousands on Lot Security? If So, Why Not Go Old School?

As I was perusing Auto Rental News this morning I came across an article outlining the best ways to secure car rental lots.  The author discusses many new high-tech solutions that offer the 'best of the best' preventative measures to ensure thugs can't steal vehicle tires, airbags, spare change lying on the passenger seats, maps... you name it.  If it can be stripped from the vehicle, it's 'stealable'.

Theft is a major problem for many car rental agencies that offer great car rental deals, costing them huge amounts of money and heartache.  The article explains that some of the preventative measures that are currently on the market include Digital Cameras, Kandu Lighting (an inductive lighting system that uses less voltage than regular light bulbs), and various other digital surveillance security options.  The article quotes Dave Capps, owner of Capps Van and Truck Rental who says he's spent at least $100,000 on his security system (for his 15 locations).  That's a lot of money!

I can't help but chuckle as I think back to my father's car rental agency security system in Vancouver, BC back in the '80's.  He didn't have surveillance cameras, digital tracking systems or computerized anything.  He had something much better - he had Otis!  And who/what was Otis you might ask?  Otis was the agency's 90 pound German Shepherd with fangs of steel.  He was let free to roam the lot at night, ready to pounce on any sorry sucker who even attempted to set foot on the lot.  And trust me, he was SCARY!

I remember going to visit my dad at the agency mid-day one weekend with my older brother.  Otis for some reason was walking freely through the lot (I am not sure why to be honest, and in hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea) and my brother and I were goofing around.  My brother  noticed Otis and screamed at the top of his lungs, "Otis, sick her (meaning me!)".  Let's just say I almost passed out in a dead faint as Otis turned to me growling and ready to pounce.  Thank goodness my father was there to prevent catastrophe before it occurred.  My brother thought it was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!  (I on the other hand was less than impressed.)  Even though I was very young at the time, that memory is as clear as if it happened yesterday!

Anyway, I didn't share that story in order for you to feel sorry for me (ok, well, maybe I kinda did) but more to prove the point that there's a lot to be said for old school security systems.  Otis definitely did not cost $100,000 nor did he have electrical malfunctions or outages.  As long as he was fed twice a day and thrown the occasional bone he was ready to kill.  Much more economical, effective (and furry) if you ask me!

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