Sad Events in
the World this
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Sad Events in the World this Week - Do Your Best to Remain Safe on Your Travels

ImageAs I sit here in front of my desk on this gloomy, gray and rainy Vancouver July morning I can't seem to lift my spirits.  I do apologize for the melancholy, I'm usually pretty chipper and wanting to write upbeat blogs.  But I can't seem to do that today.  This has been a sad week.

Of course, anyone's who's read the papers, listened to the radio and/or watched the news this week is aware of two horrific events: the explosion on a bus that killed 7 people in Bulgaria and the mass shooting of 12 people in a movie theater in Colorado.

How does this relate to Car Rental Deals, Car Rental Discounts or Cheap Car Rentals?  Good question - my mind is elsewhere I guess.  That said, with what's going on in the world today it seems that renting your own vehicle while on vacation, business or any other type of travel would be a fairly safe way of getting around.  In this day and age, avoiding largely populated public places and places of transportation has never seemed more appealing.

More than anything I want to send my condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this week's horrors.  I also encourage all of you travelers out there to be alert and cautious.  It is a crazy world in which we live so do all you can to enjoy life and make the best of it in the safest way possible.

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