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The Car Rental Express Difference

Take Advantage of CRX's Renter Ratings

InImage his article Survey Shows Most Travelers Unaware of Preferred Vendors, Michael Baker explains that most corporate travellers are not aware of their company's preferred travel vendors.  Instead, they rely on word of mouth to make decisions when renting cars and/or opting for oth

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How Agencies Stand Out at Car Rental Express

ExpressItech announced a new Car Rental (CRX) website launch on June 8, 2010. Agencies can stand out, to get the most reservations at the new site. Here are some vital aspects of listing at CRX.

New Renter Rated System
· A new Renter Rated system (formerly the Consumer Reliability Index) is prominently displayed at the new site. Renters will now be able to add the reasoning behind their rating and this appears on the CRX site. Agencies with 4 stars or more should benefit from increased rentals.

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Car Rental (CRX) Website Is Rebuilt

Still featuring independent agencies, who offer the most affordable online rentals. ExpressITech is pleased to announce this week's launch of an entirely new and rebuilt website at Car Rental (CRX). This new site is live and ready to view. Car Rental Express is different. It does not feature any major brands. The agencies shown on this site are independently owned and frequently offer the best rates.

(PRWEB) June 11, 2010 -- Vancouver, BC, June 8, 2010

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CRX Has the Most Unique Vehicle Inventory on the Web

What is the difference between (CRX) and the Rest of the car rental sites ...?

Mainly, it's the car rental agencies. CRX inventory is the independent agencies.

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Confidence Through Renter Ratings

ImageAt Car Rental Express, all vehicle suppliers are Renter Rated. Each and every agency receives reviews from you, the renter. Real reviews by real renters create the confidence you need to select an independent car rental agency.

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Website Development Services by ExpressITech

A rental agency's website is the online representation of their company – it is where renters get the first impression of what the company has to offer. Renters want to know their expectations will be met and that they can trust their rental experience will be a good one. Without a doubt, if the website is clean, precise and easy to follow, renters are given the confidence they need to complete an online rental and will come back again and again in the future.

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What is the Revolution™ Reservation System?

ImageCar Rental Express is driven by the

Revolution™ was built in-house over a period of 10 years and is tailored to fit the needs of Car Rental Express.

At the heart of Revolution™ there is a robust rate engine. In a matter of seconds, the rate engine can locate vehicles, dates, daily rates, insurance fees and taxes. It finds everything needed to make up the total charges for a car rental, ensuring there are no surprises down the road.

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History of Car Rental Express and Express ITech

Our company, now known as Express Internet Technologies, has gone through a long journey from its initial conception back in 1999. Through innovation and expansion in development, marketing, technical services, and the creation of a first-rate reservation system, Express ITech has set the bar for the online vehicle rental industry.

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