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How Agencies Stand Out at Car Rental Express

ExpressItech announced a new Car Rental (CRX) website launch on June 8, 2010. Agencies can stand out, to get the most reservations at the new site. Here are some vital aspects of listing at CRX.

New Renter Rated System
· A new Renter Rated system (formerly the Consumer Reliability Index) is prominently displayed at the new site. Renters will now be able to add the reasoning behind their rating and this appears on the CRX site. Agencies with 4 stars or more should benefit from increased rentals.
· The Renter Rated logo features various Agencies by brand name. This is a great opportunity for agencies to apply this consumer confidence badge to their own private websites. They can post existing ratings and gather new ones through the Revolution reservation system.

Agency Profile, Policies and Discounts
· An Agency Profile should give meaningful information, to promote the agency; Agency Profiles, Policies and Vehicle Fleets are featured and easier to access at this new CRX site.
· Rental Policies and Insurance information should always be complete, understandable, and grammatically correct. Renter's can let agencies know if they need help with policies.
· Many Agencies have discounts available, because Renters Love Discounts. The Discounts link on the CRX home page features cities world wide. It is very important for Agencies to be seen there.

Logos and Vehicle Images assist with consumer confidence.
· The Pro eVox image gallery at CRX has all of the new model vehicles; Almost all vehicles at the CRX site have images. Renters like to rent what they can see.
· Most Agencies have company logo in the Revolution system that is diplayed at CRX. It promotes the agency brand and is seen by renters, to give confidence familiar agencies.

Personal Information Requirements for Renters
Agencies do need some basic information to contact renters, like email and phone numbers. Any credit card inrformation that is gathered is stored securely, as verified by GeoTrust.

Agencies can really feature their unique services, vehicles and company benefits, through the CRX site. Look for your favorite Agencies in cities all over the US, Canada and the world.

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