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Confidence Through Renter Ratings

ImageAt Car Rental Express, all vehicle suppliers are Renter Rated. Each and every agency receives reviews from you, the renter. Real reviews by real renters create the confidence you need to select an independent car rental agency.

After each live rental, we send out invitations for a review of the experience, by the person who booked the rental. A ratings contest with great prizes provides an added incentive to participate. Literally thousands of agency reviews have been conducted by renters at Car Rental Express over the past decade.

Renter ratings make Car Rental Express a totally unique online service. We don't know of any other travel website that has collected data on the quality of car rentals over many years.

Some renters stick with the majors, even though they cost more, because it gives them some comfort. Renter ratings of independent agencies turns the whole rental process around, in your favor. You can now explore an unknown brand, at a lower price, with a high level of confidence. Renter ratings allow independent agencies to beat the major brands in terms of both price and service quality.

ImageAn overall rating is built out of the 10 key categories shown on this chart. We know that you care about these attributes of the rental experience. The ratings of individual characteristics are made visible on our site for each agency. Ratings are available on agency profile pages, as well as through pop ups on the overall ratings.

Recently, the Car Rental Express website was rebuilt, so there was an opportunity to add individual comments to each of the reviews. You can see these on the agency profile page too. They add unique spices and flavors to the numbers based menu in the ratings chart. Comments are often insightful and many are positive. Sometimes there'll be a complaint and the agency involved has an opportunity to post a response. All reviews are strictly confidential, so your views and reviews can be posted freely.

ImageHere is the bottom line:
Renter ratings allow independent agencies to beat the major brands in terms of both price and quality of service.

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