What is the
Revolution™ Reservation System?
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What is the Revolution™ Reservation System?

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Revolution™ was built in-house over a period of 10 years and is tailored to fit the needs of Car Rental Express.

At the heart of Revolution™ there is a robust rate engine. In a matter of seconds, the rate engine can locate vehicles, dates, daily rates, insurance fees and taxes. It finds everything needed to make up the total charges for a car rental, ensuring there are no surprises down the road.

Car rental agencies use a friendly browser-based interface called Manager, to place their vehicle data into the Revolution™ reservation system. Core modules are dedicated to Vehicles, Rental and Insurance Policies, Special Deals, and Locations. The Pro version adds Corporate, Travel Agent, Insurance Replacement, Vehicle Sales, Affiliate and Partner Link modules, creating a comprehensive suite of software for online reservations.

Once the car rental agency has placed their vehicles and rates in the Revolution™ system, it is virtually effortless to place the same vehicle inventory onto their own proprietary website. Revolution™ was carefully designed to integrate with car rental websites in a private label form, matching colors and themes and blending with agency branding.

The Revolution™ reservation system is equally adept at displaying vehicle inventory at Car Rental Express and running a proprietary car rental agency on their website. And that's not all that Revolution™ can do!

Revolution™ also connects to other great travel resources, like Kayak and Rate Highway, allowing car rental agencies access to a broader distribution network. There is simply no better online vehicle reservation system than Revolution™.

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