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History of Car Rental Express and Express ITech

Our company, now known as Express Internet Technologies, has gone through a long journey from its initial conception back in 1999. Through innovation and expansion in development, marketing, technical services, and the creation of a first-rate reservation system, Express ITech has set the bar for the online vehicle rental industry.

In 1999, after two decades as owner of an independent car rental agency, Stan Levy decided it was high time that agencies, like his, have the ability to be represented in the ever-expanding online rental market. He felt that just as the large chain rental agencies were exposing themselves to a global market, the smaller, independents should have the same opportunity. Under Stan's supervision, a small yet dedicated programming and internet-savvy staff created Car Rental Express.com.

Now, 11 years later, with the ongoing development of the Revolution™ Reservation System, Car Rental Express has become a leading online car rental venue where renters are able to choose a vehicle from hundreds of rental agencies. Whether they have one location in a small town or have numerous locations in various large cities, all agencies are able to compete on the same playing field. All competitors have an equal chance to reap the benefits of online representation.

With a strong client base and the desire to expand, Stan and his staff recognized that in order to remain competitive, it was time to offer services in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management and Website Development. Many agencies listed on Car Rental Express took advantage of these services and continue to utilize them today.

Car Rental Express was now just one of the many products offered by Stan's ever-expanding company. These products needed to be listed under the name of a larger, parent company – and this led to the birth of Express Internet Technologies, Inc.

And the expansion continues. While Revolution is the backend source to reservations managed and booked on Car Rental Express.com, it is also what powers the reservation system offered to agencies for use on their proprietary or Private Label (PL) websites. Two products, Revolution PL Core and Revolution PL Pro provide an online infrastructure where renters can rent on agencies' websites in real time.

Express ITech has also established connectors to various Distribution Networks, which allow our clients to advertise themselves on different well-known vehicle reservation forums, like Kayak.

As we grow, so do our clients' businesses. And the way we see it, this is just the start – the sky is the limit and we are eager to explore. As is evidenced by our past, as the industry changes, so do we.

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