Website Development Services
by ExpressITech
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Website Development Services by ExpressITech

A rental agency's website is the online representation of their company – it is where renters get the first impression of what the company has to offer. Renters want to know their expectations will be met and that they can trust their rental experience will be a good one. Without a doubt, if the website is clean, precise and easy to follow, renters are given the confidence they need to complete an online rental and will come back again and again in the future.

This is something that Express Internet Technologies takes extremely seriously. For this reason our company has a team of experienced developers who create only the finest of websites, able to target the global vehicle rental audience.

After many years of experience, ExpressITech has a strong knowledge base and the expertise needed to create websites tailored to specific agency needs. New logos and graphic designs can be created, new content pages are designed, engaging promotional material is devised, and the required web programming is completed.

The same can be said of existing websites that need a 'pick me up'. ExpressITech can start with an agency's current appearance and brand materials and transform these into a more modern and up-to-date website. The sky is the limit of possibilities.

Included in the cost of website development is the integration to the Revolution™ Reservation System as well as the establishment of various related pages. Some of these include: Homepage, Rates and Reservation pages, Fleet Vehicle pages, FAQ pages and Rental Policy and Insurance pages. While the agency is responsible for producing written content for their site, ExpressITech experts will provide editing services.

ExpressITech exerts a considerable amount of effort researching and updating their knowledge of the online vehicle rental marketplace. Because of this, agencies can have full confidence that the website development work they commission from ExpressITech is only the best of the best.

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