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Car Rental (CRX) Website Is Rebuilt

Still featuring independent agencies, who offer the most affordable online rentals. ExpressITech is pleased to announce this week's launch of an entirely new and rebuilt website at Car Rental (CRX). This new site is live and ready to view. Car Rental Express is different. It does not feature any major brands. The agencies shown on this site are independently owned and frequently offer the best rates.

(PRWEB) June 11, 2010 -- Vancouver, BC, June 8, 2010

Check out the Renter Ratings, Independent Agencies, and easy rental steps to see how CRX is entirely unique on the web. Find out what makes CRX truly different. The site presents over 300 independent brands in over 2,000 locations worldwide. Having built an online presence in 1999, CRX has now created this improved site, with easier navigation and rental steps, to take advantage of the travel resurgence in 2010.

There are a gazillion places on the Internet where you can rent a car online. But many of those sites show only the same major brands, and the only big differences to be seen are the color schemes of the websites.

Car Rental (CRX) delivers much more. The reservation process is simple and intuitive and it just ... Works! Your information is securely processed. CRX offers renters real choices, with comparisons of hundreds of independent local car rental agencies. All of those agencies are striving to win business, through competitive rates, services, and quality vehicles. Because independent agencies rely heavily on customer loyalty and return business, they do their best for you.

Renter Rated is one of the best features of Car Rental (CRX) website. For the past decade, agencies have been rated by real renters, on attributes like vehicle availability, agency service, and meeting expectations. The results are posted for each agency listing at CRX and renter comments will be posted there now too. Agency comparisons are found by searching for a rental at a city or an airport. There are listings of the Renter Ratings, vehicles and rental rates for each agency.

Consumers can rent with confidence, by considering all of these factors at CRX. So if you want the best possible rental deal, and a reliable car at affordable prices, visit Car Rental (CRX). Our favorite color is blue and you will see real comparisons. is powered by the Revolution TM reservation system, produced by Express Internet Technologies, Inc.

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