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CRX Has the Most Unique Vehicle Inventory on the Web

What is the difference between (CRX) and the Rest of the car rental sites ...?

Mainly, it's the car rental agencies. CRX inventory is the independent agencies.

The Rest of the travel sites mostly serve up the same inventory of major car rental providers, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Thrifty, and so on. If you shop for a car rental at Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire, Priceline, or the major proprietary sites, you will always be choosing from the same inventory, with the same rates, and the same inflexible rules.

Now, for example, if you choose to rent from Car Rental Express in Los Angeles, your choice will be from: Airport Rent A Car, Discovery Rent A Car, Executive Van Rentals, Basic Car Rentals, Sakura Rent A Car, Midway Car Rental, Deluxe Rent A Car, Advantage Rent A Car, E-Z Rent A Car, Exclusive Car Rental, OK Rent A Car, Super Cheap Car Rental, Airport Van Rental, Atwest Rent A Car, LAX Vans, Los Angeles Van Rentals, LAX Rent A Car, State Van Rentals, or United Van Rentals. That is 20 different choices... 20 different independent car rental agencies.

And each of these independent rental agencies has been rated by Real Renters that have rated the agency AFTER the rental. All Car Rental Express rental clients are invited to rank their rental agency. Midway has been rated over 5500 times and has an overall approval rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. EZ has a 4 star rating, having been rated by over 1500 different renters. You, the renter, are given the information with which to make a confident choice.

You now might ask, "Why rent with an Independent?" It is true that the major car rental agencies generally do give good service. Knowing this, we found a way to let you know that Independents also give good service, and in many cases give excellent service. They would not be rated so high if they did not. Your rental choice is also based on price. At LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) an economy car reserved for Mar 4, 2010 for one day is $22.99 at Car rentall Express (CRX) and $30.00 at Orbitz. A car rented in New York for the same day is $29.95 at CRX and $44.00 at Expedia. Similar savings are generally available at CRX in most locations.

Entrepreneurs usually own independent car rental agencies. These individuals have a very focused attitude towards their business. It is more important to them to rent cars than it is to "managers" of the majors. The independents will do all they can to accommodate renters. They'll do everything within their power to make a rental happen. The majors are governed by policies sent from Head Office that must be followed to the letter. The Independent rental company makes its own policies and therefore can be more flexible with rental regulations. Flexibility with rules and regulations covers all aspects of the rental, from price to driving areas, from age restrictions to leeway on returning the vehicle late or to another location. If you ask, the decision to change the rules rests with the local businessman, not a committee in an office tower.

So what is the difference between the major brands and independent car rental agencies found at – CRX?

  • All CRX agencies are Renter Rated
  • Better pricing by CRX Independent agencies
  • Our Independent agencies are more accommodating
  • Flexible rental rules at Independent agencies
  • Independent agencies are Locally owned
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