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The NEW CRX is Live!


Well it’s official – as I am sure you can see we have launched our new site at! Take a look, browse through the site and let me know your comments (you can email me directly at! The site, in my humble opinion, is now up-to- speed with industry standard, super user-friendly and more than anything, looks much better.

Looking for a cheap car rental has never been easier. And for you loyal customers who prefer to rent with local agencies, this should be a huge treat for you. Car Rental Express lists only independently-owned and mid-tier franchises at the site. What does this mean? Many things! Renting local means you are probably going to get better customer service, cheaper rentals, and most importantly you will not have the headache of dealing with the ‘Big Guys’. I know that when I am searching for a cheap car rental, I much prefer going independent (and I have tried both, so you can trust what I’m saying here…).

You can really trust Car Rental Express agencies. And I’m not just saying that… we built the Renter Rated Rating System ( for a reason – and that reason is to provide our loyal customer base with trustworthy information.
How it works is as follows: at the end of their rental, renters are sent an email asking them to rate their rental experience.
There are 9 criteria incorporated in the Renter Rated System including:

  • Promptness of Service
  • Rate Quote Honored
  • Staff Knowledge
  • Staff Courteousness
  • Vehicle Availability
  • Vehicle Satisfaction
  • Value
  • Would Rent Again
  • Recommend to Others

The maximum stars an agency can have is 5, so while you are choosing your next cheap car rental, make sure to check out agency star ratings. And remember, the more ratings an agency has, the more reliable the results.

Our entire team has worked very hard to give a new look and feel as well as an enhanced user experience. Our development, design and customer service teams have spent countless hours, planning, building and testing the site so that your cheap car rental experience is nothing but awesome!


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