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Olympic Fever

For those of us who weren't fortunate enough to score a car rental deal, make our way to the airport and hop on a plane bound for Sochi, we watched the Olympics from the comfort of our own homes. Even if you paid close attention, you're bound to have missed some highlights along the way. Here's a quick recap so you're prepared for water cooler conversation at the office.

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Sharing the Love on Valentine's Day

Sharing the Love on Valentine's DayDying to get away this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re in a relationship and want a romantic weekend with your main squeeze or you’re single and hoping to avoid running into your exes, cheap car rentals can be a great excuse to get out of town.

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Crazy Parking Images - Can Anyone Relate?

Does this video ring true to any of you, my readers?  Are you laughing after watching this?  Crying?  Feeling as though you can TOTALLY related to some of the rediculous footage of vehicles trying to 'park'?  Well, do not fret if you have experienced similar parking catastrophes because quite frankly, you are not alone.

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Comical and Arcane Driving laws

Many driving laws in the US and around the world are still left over from the time when cars and trucks were not anywhere nearly as common as they are today. Barrington freight from the UK has assembled some of the more comical and arcane laws:

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Recent Devastation in the Phillipines

The typhoon that just hit the Philippines is being called “the perfect storm” due to its size, symmetry and tightness of the eye. Typhoon Hayian hit land in the Samar and Leyte provinces, ready to do extensive damage. The sustained winds blew at 160 miles per hour and the storm surge was 16 feet. The surge is what caused most of the damage (although the winds certainly didn’t help), first sweeping away Tacloban, a port city.

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The Excitement is in the Air - My Upcoming Trip to Israel!

It's hard to believe that December is quickly approaching.  I've never been a huge fan of the winter months but I have to admit, this year I am counting down the days until mid-December.  My family and I are traveling to Israel to meet my husband's side of the family.  To say we are all excited is an understatement.  Words can do no justice to describe the tingly and fuzzy feeling I have inside when I envision getting off of the plane at Ben Gu

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