Great Reasons to
Rent a 12-15
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Great Reasons to Rent a 12-15 Passenger Van


Are you part of a large group wanting to take a road trip? Are you looking for a cheap car rental so that you can all travel together? Well, there's good news for you: try renting a cheap 12-15 Passenger Van so that you and your family and/or friends can all travel together. There are so many reasons why taking this route is the best option.

1. Share Driving: Since you can all travel together you can share on the driving. If you are planning on taking a long road trip it's a good idea to have multiple (insured) drivers so that no one gets over tired and erroneously falls asleep at the wheel! Driving can be fun and there are usually a couple of people in a group who don't mind taking on the responsibility. It may cost a little more to add extra drivers to your rental package, however it is well worth the investment. WIth the money you save using car rental coupons, you can put that towards having extra drivers!

2. Save money: Since you will only be renting one vehicle, you won't have to waste money on renting multiple vehicles so that the whole group can travel together. Obviously renting a 12-15 passenger van is more expensive than renting an economy car, however, it is much less expensive than renting 3 or 4 economy cars. Also everyone can pitch in on the rental cost as well as insurance and gas costs. Splitting the amount by 12 or 15 makes things a lot more affordable. And another perk? You will only need one parking spot at all times. Rather than searching and searching for spots close to one another, your group will only need to find one spot and hence pay one parking fee (that is of course, you have to pay for parking where you are going).

3. Bonding: Whether you are traveling with your best buds, a team of co-workers, your extended family or anything in between, being in one vehicle will give you loads of time to bond and connect. Blast your favorite tunes, hit the road and enjoy the scenery all together. You can play games, tell stories and laugh to your heart's content as a team. Being in one vehicle avoids having to split up into smaller groups where you have to decide who is going to go with who.

4. Lots of space: If you are traveling in a large group and for an extended period of time, make sure that your cheap 12-15 passenger van has lots of storage space. Many of people means lots of extraneous luggage, bags and perhaps camping equipment. Stretch your legs to your hearts content as these vans generally offer lots of leg room as well.

So as you can see, there are many plusses to renting a cheap 12-15 passenger van. Don't waste time - book yours today!

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