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Renting a Car with your Children - Discover the Desert in Israel!


I have made a vow that I will rent a cheap car and take my girls on a roadtrip. As I've said many times already, we live in Israel and there is so much to do and see here. While the country is tiny (you can drive from north to south in 8 hours!) it is abundant with natural wonders, breathtaking scenery, lively cities, tree laden forests, the desert alive with nomads and camels and everything in between.

My plan is to pack everyone up, load our cheap car rental with supplies and head south to the Rimon Crater and Mitzpeh Rimon. "Located at the peak of Mount Negev, some 85 km south of the city of Beersheba, the landform is not actually an impact crater from a meteor nor a volcanic crater formed by a volcanic eruption, but rather is the world's largest makhtesh (crater). The crater is 40 km long, 2–10 km wide and 500 meters deep, and is shaped like an elongated heart. The only settlement in the area is the small town of Mitzpe Ramon located on the northern edge of the crater. Today the crater and surrounding area forms Israel's largest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve." (Wikipedia)

Words cannot describe the beauty that this place holds. When you stand at the edge and look down you see sand that is virtually a rainbow formation. Reds, oranges, yellows, browns and gold. It is truly breathtaking! I have to admit that I am a bit daunted to go here alone so I am going to save a space in our cheap car rental for a tour guide. This way he/she can explain the history of the crater as well as take us on a guided tour.

We will spend the night in Mitzpeh Ramon. I plan on renting a small house or apartment. To be honest I'd love to stay at the Beresheet (Genesis) Hotel - it is world-renowned for its beauty and amazing service. Located in Mitzpeh Ramon, this luxurious spa hotel offers breathtaking views from private villas. But I digress... my budget simply cannot afford to stay at this five star hotel unfortunately. I am not worried - when I'm with my girls we always have fun no matter where we are.

The next day we will tour the desert on foot - our cheap car rental can stay parked and we will hit the desert full force. There are amazing pathways in the sand that lead to sand dunes and vast open expanses. I have been here many times but I never get bored... every time there is something new to see. There is even a Desert Sculpture Park displaying large bronze statues and other amazing art. "The fascinating story of the Desert Sculpture Park on the brink of the Ramon Crater is related to settling of the Negev, the recognition of the Israeli art world and Israeli artists, the artists’ deep connection to the history of the land and its landscapes and to the development of Israeli art." (

And there is NOTHING like wandering in the desert and seeing the Bedouin (Nomad) tents all colorful and full of life. If you get close enough you can smell the tantalizing odors of their cuisine and watch literally the world's cutest children abustle playing outside amongst the camels. There are places where you can actually ride the camels so that is definitely something I will take into consideration for my girls.

To summarize, I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it is to visit this part of the world, or more specifically, this part of Israel. I encourage you all to make your way here, rent a cheap car or minivan and take your children on the trip of their lives!

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