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Travel and Auto Rental Trends for 2015

When it comes to the car rental market, one change seems to create several changes thereafter and all of the moving parts are affected by each other. Analysts have taken what they saw throughout 2014 (and the years prior) to predict what 2015 will look like for the rental car industry. If you’re looking for the cheapest car rentals around, it’s a good idea to first arm yourself with up-to-date market information.

Demand Will Rise

Airlines will be increasing their capacity throughout 2015, which will create more of a demand on the travel industry overall.  This will in turn raise the demand for rental cars. For the buyer, it may be difficult to find cheap car rentals. Since regular rates won’t be as low as in past years, this is where car rental coupons will help with cost.

Supply Will Stay the Same

Many of the major car rental agencies are purchasing fewer cars right now, mainly because of uneasiness over the car rental market as a whole. However, there are a few car rental companies that are on a bit of a shopping spree and are voraciously adding to their fleet, which means consumers will be able to find a car rental deal if they’re willing to do a bit of digging.

Pricing Will Stay Strong

Toward the end of 2014, there was some weakening when it came to rental car rates. In 2015, though, pricing is expected to be beefier. When the rental car market softens, holding costs go up, which eventually raises prices. Plus, since the demand is going up but the supply isn’t, rates will likely increase. For the buyer, car rental discounts will be more important than ever before, since normal pricing will be robust, even during slow seasons.

Large Vehicles Are Now the Best Type to Rent

Right now, trucks and vans have better protection against deflating value when compared to cars. This trend won’t last forever, but for those renting in 2015, your best bet is to choose a larger auto for your trip.

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