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Pros and Cons of Renting a Hybrid Car Rental

Hybrid Car RentalsMany “green” travelers are embracing hybrid car rental as the future of business and leisure travel. So what’s the big deal?


Are hybrid car rentals really an economical and environmentally smart choice? Car Rental Express reviews the pros and cons of hybrid car rentals and whether or not you should go green during your upcoming rental car vacation.





The Good


1. Hybrid Car Rentals Reduce Emissions

There are many great reasons to go green at the rental counter. By far, the biggest benefit of renting a hybrid car is the environmental impact. Conventional car rentals are notorious for releasing harmful exhaust fumes into the air, including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Environmentally friendly hybrid car rentals are designed to keep this air pollution at a minimum. Instead of relying on gasoline, hybrid car rentals rely on electric or alternative fuel sources as their primary source of power, reverting to combustion engines only when the primary source has been exhausted.


2. Hybrid Car Rentals Cost Less to Operate

In general, hybrid car rentals get twenty percent better mileage than regular rentals. Spending less and getting more is always a great tradeoff, especially when it comes to fueling your family vacation. Alternative fuel sources, such as electricity, cut travel costs considerably, providing hybrid car rental customers with an affordable and efficient form of transportation.


3. Practical Performance

No engine is perfect. With that being said, hybrid car rentals provide travelers with the benefits of both electric and combustion designs. The electric portion of hybrid car rentals improves the fuel efficiency of your vehicle when driving in the city. This helps prevent unnecessary fuel consumption during periods of stop-and-go traffic. If you plan on doing a lot of highway driving during your hybrid rental car vacation, simply switch to the combustion engine to take advantage of impressive highway fuel efficiency. 


The Bad


1. Hybrid Car Rentals Cost More to Rent

Hybrid car rentals are still considered specialty vehicles, which means they can often cost considerably more than a conventional rental. As such, expect to pay a higher premium when booking your green car rental. If you’re planning to rent a hybrid in order to save money on your travel costs, make sure you take some time to crunch the numbers. While hybrid car rentals are more affordable to operate (see point two above), the initial cost of renting the hybrid could quickly cancel out any of the money you’re hoping to save.


2. Hybrid Rental Cars Are Hard to Find

Finding a hybrid car rental isn’t always easy. Not all rental agencies currently offer hybrid rentals. Those that do, likely only have a few in stock. As such, it isn’t uncommon for travelers to reserve a hybrid rental, only to have to settle for a non-hybrid replacement when they arrive at the rental desk. So why don’t rental companies add more hybrids to their line up? It all comes down to cost. A car rental company could buy two conventional combustion engine car rentals for the price of one hybrid rental. Like any other business, rental agencies want to make a profit; hybrid car rentals simply aren’t an economical choice for many smaller rental companies. If you’re hoping to book a hybrid rental, don’t wait to make your reservation. The sooner you can solidify your travel plans, the easier it will be to lock down your hybrid rental.


The Final Verdict


Should you rent a hybrid vehicle? Most definitely. The long-term benefits of driving a green vehicle far outweigh the short-term disadvantages. Of course, you should always do your homework and compare rental prices using the Car Rental Express comparison search tool. Saving money is always a smart decision!


Have you ever reserve a hybrid car rental? Share your experience and rental tips below.


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