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How to Pack the Trunk of Your Car Rental Properly

Packing Your Trunk ProperlyPacking for a car rental road trip is tough. First you need to try and remember all of the necessary items. Then you’re stuck with the frustrating task of trying to jam everything into the truck of an unfamiliar vehicle! Packing the boot of a car rental takes time and meticulous planning. The following are some tried and tested trunk-packing techniques that are sure to save you both time and frustration when planning for your upcoming trip.


Getting Started

The first step to tackling a tough trunk organization project is taking inventory of everything that you need to get into car rental. This involves lining up all of your bags, suitcases, coolers, and miscellaneous travel items next to your vehicle. Don’t forget anything! Packing the trunk of your car rental is a lot like building a puzzle – you need to make sure that all the pieces are available before you try and put the picture together.


The Art of Organization

Once you know what you’re working with, it’s time to organize. Try grouping like-items together on the ground beside your car rental. Place heavy items in one pile, awkward items in another, and so on. Remember to keep items that must be easily accessible, like an emergency kit or a child’s toys, in a pile off to the side. These items will need to either be stored at the very top of your trunk, or in the back seat of your car rental.


Attack Awkward Items First

Start with the strangest looking items first, (unless they are easy to damage). You’re going to have to pack around these items, so it’s best to get them situated in your trunk first to ensure they fit. It’s important that you put all of these oddly shaped items into one area of your trunk. Why? Awkwardly shaped items are a pain to pack and, more often than note, they waste a lot of storage space. Keeping them grouped together means that only one part of your trunk is underutilized, rather than the entire space.


Next Up, Heavy Items

Once the awkwardly shaped items are in, move onto the heavy items. You’ll want to make sure these items are on the bottom of your car rental boot. This will create a stable base in your trunk and will help distribute weight evenly in the back end of your car rental.


Watch For Holes

Once the heavy items are in, it’s time to start filling in the holes with lighter items and any awkwardly shaped delicate items. If you see any holes forming, use a malleable item to fill in the space. Most trunks have a few awkward angles that are perfect for soft items like pillows, blankets, or stuffed animals. 


Don’t Forget to Keep Important Items Accessible

The final step in the trunk packing process is to find a spot for items that must be left easily accessible. This will include snacks, an emergency roadside kit, a flashlight, and important travel documents. 


If there are any other items that you might need to access during your car rental road trip, like a purse, briefcase, or overnight bag, find a spot to stow them in the passenger area of your rental car. The last thing you want to do is dig through your perfectly packed trunk in order to find your wallet!


What About The Spare?

Unfortunately, many car rental models stow their spare tire beneath the trunk storage area. If the case of a flat tire, you’ll have no choice but to unpack your entire trunk in order to remove the tire and replace your flat. 


Something’s you simply can’t prepare (or pack) for!


How do you keep your car rental truck neat and tidy? Share your packing tips by leaving a comment below.


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