Occasions that Call
for a Luxury
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Occasions that Call for a Luxury Car Rental

Exotic Car RentalsAre you struggling to think of a great Christmas gift to give to a loved one? You’ve done flowers and chocolates, jewelry and expensive dinners. Now, with only a few shopping days left until Christmas, you’re down to the wire. Think it’s too late to find something that will really knock the socks off your Secret Santa? Think again! A luxury car rental is a great gift idea for any occasion, especially major milestones and holiday celebrations. Don’t get caught out in the cold this Christmas season, check available luxury car rental listings using the CRX independent car rental reservation service today!


Luxury Car Rentals Make a Big Statement

Picture this: it’s Christmas morning and you’re about to open gifts with your sweetheart. But, instead of sitting down in front of the tree, you lead him or her to the door. In your driveway is a shiny exotic car rental, packed and ready for a romantic weeklong getaway.


Giving a luxury car rental as a gift makes a big statement. It’s thoughtful, expensive, sophisticated and sincere. Your spouse or significant other will be talking about it for years to come, making you a holiday hero.


Other Occasions to Consider

Special occasions call for special celebrations. Luxury car rentals make a great gift for:


Father’s Day






College graduations


Valentine’s Day



Travelers may also wish to surprise someone with an exotic car rental on a first date, as part of a marriage proposal, or a romantic night on the town. In essence, a luxury car rental can turn any ordinary occasion into an extraordinary celebration. Popular luxury vehicles to consider include Porsches, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Corvettes. Compare prices and availability of potential exotic car rental options online using the CRX comparison search tool.


Exotic Car Rental Restrictions

Before you book your exotic car rental gift, make sure you research any restrictions or rental policies that might hamper the appeal of your present. Most luxury car rental agencies require exotic car rental customers:

  • Show proof of automotive insurance. If your current policy doesn’t offer sufficient coverage you may be required to purchase an extended policy from the rental provider.
  • Posses a valid drivers license and a major credit card.
  • Be over the age of 25. Underage car rental customers are often restricted from renting expensive vehicles.


Perks of Renting a Luxury Vehicle

While an exotic car rental will cost you, (sometime as much as 10 times the amount of a standard full-size car rental), the perks of the purchase are well worth it. Luxury car rental agencies will often bend over backward to provide you with exceptional service, going above and beyond what you’d expect from a regular car rental chain. Perks like custom music selection, a personalized vehicle operation lesson, and requests for fresh flowers and champagne are often standard when reserving a luxury car. What’s more, amenities that would normally cost more, such as a GPS unit, may come included in the price of your luxury car rental.


Hoping to impress your spouse this holiday season? Consider taking her out for dinner in a sleek Porsche Boxster. Need to impress a business client in order to secure a big contract? Take him to the local country club in a Bentley. Make any occasion an event to remember by reserving an exotic car rental. Review the Car Rental Express luxury vehicle search tool today to begin the luxury car rental reservation process.


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