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Talk About a Good Car Rental Deal - CRX Announces Road Trip Winner!

ImageCan you think of a better deal than being awarded a 14 day all expenses paid adventure of a lifetime?  Well, I can't and I want to personally congratulate Phil Diehl.  As far as car rental deals go this takes the cake - the rental is free!  OK, I guess technically you can't refer to winning a contest as a deal but nevertheless it is a pretty sweet setup.  


Phil is our proud winner..  He and the lucky person of his choice will be traveling from LA to New York City and enjoying the following perks: 14-day premium car rental for 2, 14-nights hotel accommodation, 14-day food and gas allowance.  In addition to this he has the chance to win up to $2000 cash by checking in with CRX associated agencies.


    Phil is a pretty funny guy so I have no doubt his photos, videos and blogs will keep you laughing and at the edge of your seat.  Make sure to follow him on Facebook and add your comments.

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