San Diego Restaurants
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San Diego Restaurants

San Diego Restaurants

San Diego restaurants serve delicious Mexican, Vietnamese, American, Japanese, Chinese and Greek cuisine giving you ample choices of flavors and varieties to choose from. There are numerous luxury restaurants and various budget cheap restaurants in almost every corner of the city. Hire a cheap San Diego rental from CRX and travel around this city to relish the culinary delights of the different restaurants. Whether you are searching for fast crunchy breakfast, a romantic candlelight dinner or weekend cocktail blast, in San Diego, you won’t be disappointed.

Sushi Deli
Drive your San Diego car rental from CRX to 228 W Washington St to reach the Sushi Deli, a popular restaurant serving good cheap oriental delicacies. The Sushi Deli’s cuisine includes Japanese and Southeast Asian delicacies and is popular for its sushi dishes. Their Sesame Chicken and Tempura and sushi combos are mouth watering ensuring a good regular crowd at the restaurant.

Casa Guadalajara, San Diego
Get the flavors of Mexico in San Diego at Casa Guadalajara Restaurant. Hire a cheap San Diego rental from CRX and drive to 4105 Taylor St to reach the restaurant. It serves the delicious specialties  from Mexican villages, spicy and yummy to the last bite. The spirit and vigor of Mexico emanates from the green courtyard. The signature margaritas using fresh-lime, mango, strawberry and raspberry, chicken fajitas, tequila lime shrimp and tacos make it a hot spot for Mexican cuisine hunters.

P. F. Chang's China Bistro
This Oriental restaurant specializes in Chinese fare. P. F. Chang's China Bistro is a chic restaurant offering delicious Chinese delicacies. The restaurant uses premium Chinese herbs and spices flown directly from China lending an authenticity to the meal prepared here. Drive your San Diego car Rental from CRX to Fashion Valley Mall, 7077 Friars Rd to reach this restaurant.

Alexi’s Greek Café
Located at 3863, 5th Avenue, this restaurant serves great Greek cuisine and is popular with tourists for its good cheap food and excellent service. Delicious beef kabobs, gyros, pita, tzatziki sauce are popular with the restaurant’s clientele.

Thai Pepper Cuisine
This restaurant boasts  authentic exotic Thai dishes prepared by chefs trained in Bangkok. The restaurant serves the traditional favorites such as yellow curry, spicy noodles, pad Thai and Chicken satay. Located at 3361 Sandrock road, this restaurant does not open on Sundays.

Dobson's Bar & Restaurant, San Diego
The restaurant because of its location at 956 Broadway Circle and high quality food and drinks has become a meeting place for the elite society. The restaurant has features and facilities for hosting exotic business lunches. You can get Californian cuisine with a dash of French, Asian, Italian and Spanish blend. The menu consists of unique varieties and all time favorites such as Dobson's mussel bisque en croûte and chicken liver mousse while salads include Chicken Cobb Salad and avocado ranch. The bar features Dobson’s signature cocktails comprising Dobson’s Premium Margarita and Dobson’s Huevo which is a combination of Spanish liquor, steam milk and some espresso. 

As the name suggests this restaurant club is an anthology of live music and mouth watering food. Music lovers should visit the Anthology Restaurant when visiting San Diego for the sheer marvel of its acoustics and high end musical sound systems in addition to the excellent food. The restaurant is located at 1337 India Street and is done up with shades of blue, excellent interior decors of wood and a 30 foot high ceiling. The restaurant and club is spread over three floors and is divided as Kids Lounge, Adult Lounge and Large Dance floors. Live music feature rock, jazz, blues or Latin.