Anaheim Restaurants
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Anaheim Restaurants

Anaheim Restaurants

Anaheim is famous and attractive for its theme parks and natural beauty all over the world. The Disney city in the state of California, beckons adventure tourists during seasonal events and sport competitions along with families because of Mickey and Donald's popularity with the kids. As a popular tourist destination, Anaheim has a wide range of economically cheaply priced restaurants as well as expensive fine dining. You can also have easy access to cheap Anaheim car rentals from CRX.

Naples Ristorante E Pizzeria

Tourists and Anaheim locals get a taste of the southern Italy in Naples Ristorante E Pizzeria at1550 Disneyland Drive. Check out their roast chicken or choose a pizza from the wide list of selections all prepared in a unique wooden oven ensuring flavors and aroma to tempt the fussiest kids. Regular patrons also rave about the carpaccio, other seafood dishes and veal chops. With valet parking available for your cheap Anaheim car rental from CRX, parking will not bother you here.

K'ya Restaurant

For die hard American cuisine lovers, K'ya restaurant is nothing less than a food haven. The restaurant located inside the elegant La Casa del Camino Hotel offers contemporary California Coastal and other popular American cuisine. The exotic eatery also has an eclectic street fair kind of menu which offers hot and cheap burgers and other bites. Try their favorite Maui BBQ beef ribs or spicy curry Ahi. You will also be treated to a long and fine list of wines to choose from.

Punjabi Tandoor

Drive your cheap Anaheim car rental from CRX to Punjabi Tandoor, a typical Indian restaurant located at 327 S. Anaheim Blvd. Suite A. The restaurant brings t you the delicious cuisine from India including the famous chicken tikka. The menu consists of popular Indian dishes including the classical Chicken Tandoori where spring juicy chicken legs are marinated in yogurt and Indian spices in a clay oven. Tourists also crave the selections of rice and bread offered: pulao, biryani, nan, roti. Vegetarians can indulge in daal makhani, raita etc. Desserts include Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai and Kheer.

Tana Ethiopian Restaurant

The wide range of cuisines in the city come from as far as Ethiopia. You get Ethiopian dishes at Tana Ethiopian Restaurant which is found at 2622 W. La Palma Ave. The menu has zil zil tibs, doro wot, rolled injera and gommen which give the distinct aroma and taste of Africa. The restaurant also serves a delicious brew of Ethiopian coffee made with the rich African beans and served in beautiful mugs. There are small stalls and shops where vendors attract you with artifacts and crafts from Africa making it a great place to pick up cheap souvenirs. A stroll to the restaurant is nothing less of a visit to Africa.

Catal Restaurant & Uva Bar

The restaurant at 1580 S Disneyland Dr offers fine Mediterranean dining with a unique blend of food, drinks and exotic environment. The downstairs Uva bar gives the patrons a list of 40 wines to choose from. Food includes vegetarian and non vegetarian favorites. Grilled seafood and rotisserie chicken are popular both among the visiting tourists as well as the Anaheim residents. Food buffs can try out the braised lamb which is cooked with spices and flavors of Morocco.

Mama Cozza

If you are in the mood for an Italian meal, you cannot go wrong with Mama Cozza that has been serving Italian delicacies since 1965 adding up to a good 45 years experience. Find delicacies in lamb, chicken, veal, seafood, salads. The secret of the restaurant's success lies in the ages old recipes handed over from generation to generation guaranteeing you undiluted original flavors from Italy. The restaurant is located just 2 miles west of Disneyland. Drive there in your cheap Anaheim car rental from CRX.