San Juan Theaters
and Events
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San Juan Theaters and Events

San Juan Theaters and Events

When visiting San Juan Puerto Rico (PR) you will discover that it is possible to have good cheap holidays in this exotic and beautiful city. Within the walls of San Juan built by the Spaniards to protect the transportation of gold, silver and jewels from America, you will encounter the rich heritage, culture and artistic inclinations of this city. Discover the magic of San Juan city that displays traits of Spanish, African and Native American culture in its festivals and art. Tour around with cheap rentals from San Juan car rentals soaking in the sights and delights of this Puerto Rican city.

El Teatro Campesino
The El Teatro Campesino or ETC is a fabulous creative theater of performing arts in San Juan, PR. Drive your cheap San Juan car rentals to 705 Fourth Street to catch a show of the standard Latino theatrical production. The themes include both world wide contemporary topics as well as classic literature.

Camino Real Playhouse
The Capistrano Center for The Performing Arts brings the best theatre experience at cheap prices.  There are 4 theatre divisions under the control of this non profit organization. They include the Playhouse, Capistrano Center for the Performing Arts, Young Performers Academy and the annual Shakespeare Festival. Located in 31776 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, the center offers free parking at the 60 space parking lot. Cheap city parking lots are also available close to the venue ensuring enough parking spaces for your rental from  a cheap San Juan car rental agency.

San Sebastián Festival
The third week of January brings alive the true spirits and joy of San Juan at San Sebastián Street in Old San Juan. The festival lights up the street which is decorated with stalls of food and drinks, musical performances, arts and crafts shows and congenial faces everywhere. There is a parade with processions of people in traditional Puerto Rican masks called vejigantes in the vibrant colors of red, blue and yellow. The evenings come alive with music and dance on the streets as people start coming in to party.

Casals Festival
The Casals Festival is a tribute to the virtuoso cellist Pablo Casals. The annual event is the most popular classical music event in the Caribbean. Pablo Casals migrated to Puerto Rico in the year 1957 and set up the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra which started this annual fiesta of music. The event held in the San Juan Performing Arts Center brings together almost all the eminent figures of the music world every year. The venue can be easily reached in San Juan car rentals from anywhere in the island. Cheap parking is available very close the festival events.