Irvine - A
Great Californian City
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Irvine - A Great Californian City


Irvine, a beautifully planned city has won many accolades in the past few years. CNNMoney in 2008 voted it as the fourth best place to reside while Federal Bureau of Investigation reported it to be having the least violent crime rate among US cities having population exceeding 100,000.

The city is teeming with a lot of educational institutions. University of California, University of Southern California, California State University - find the home in Irvine along with Alliant International University, Concordia University and many others. Founded in 1976, Concordia University is located in Irvine, is committed in delivering a liberal arts education in the Lutheran tradition. If you are here in pursuit of education you can easily check out the various colleges and universities with an Irvine rental car. The city is a home to major US corporations and is also the headquarters for major international companies.

Irvine promises great exciting places of interest for tourists. Make sure you visit all the prominent tourist haunts of this place. With your car rental from Irvine you will find it easy to navigate the streets of Irvine as you visit different places.

Irvine Dining Guide
Whether it's fine Italian cuisine, pub food at a local eatery or casual family dining, Irvine has an abundance of quality experiences available. Restaurants are available at every busy corner of the city with different flavors as per the diner’s requirement. Feast on Chinese, Indian, Italian, American, French, Mexican and Japanese flavors among many other choices.

Hotels in Irvine
Irvine has its share of luxury premium hotels like Hyatt Regency Irvine, Marriot Irvine and Hilton Irvine to name a few. You can also easily locate budget hotels along the vast expanse of this city. You can hire your rental car from Irvine even before you step into the city with our advance reservation option.

Things to do
Irvine also offers a range of entertainment options. The city is famous for its global village festival called The Irvine Global Village Festival. True to its name Irvine is a global village with a fusion of culture from all over the globe. Held in October, the festival celebrates the cultural diversity of the city with a lot of exhibitions and sales lined up. Music, dance and several other shows are the highlights of this event which showcases the talent and culture present in the city.

In summer the Annual Irish Fair and Music Festival is held at Irvine Center Drive. Virtuoso performers from every field of music and art display their talent here. Adding to this merry making environment are the fleet of shops and vendors from England, Ireland and Scotland exhibiting beautiful crafts. The festival encompasses music including  Traditional Harp & Fiddle, Pub & Folk, Bag Pipe Bands, Irish Step Dance, Irish Rock, and a variety of other performances. In November the Annual Holiday Arts & Crafts Show  is organized by the Woodbridge village association selling crafts made by native villagers.

Family holidays can be best spent at Irvine as the fun filled Laguna Beach and Disney Kingdom are only a drive away from Irvine. With an Irvine rental car you can easily drive up to these locations with your family for a day of fun and gaiety.

The city has a number of parks that are perfect for your evening strolls. The Northwood Community Park is also the chosen location for the war memorial in remembrance of the US soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghan wars.

For the shoppers, Irvine Spectrum Center is a favorite mall where you can catch movies, shop and dine at the many restaurants and boutiques while art lovers can visit Irvine Barcley Theatre - a prominent center for performing arts. The theater has a splendid auditorium with capacity of 756 seats

Irvine is also home to the famous Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Many famous artists have performed here including Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Britney Spears and Bruce Springsteen to name just a few.