Helicopters and Limos:
The High Life
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Helicopters and Limos: The High Life

ImageBack in my early 20's I spent a few years working as a fashion model. Now, 14 years later, this experience seems like a lifetime ago. There were many highlights of this crazy time. Perhaps one of the most memorable of these was my weekend spent flying across New York City in a helicopter over to Atlantic City for a fun-filled night of gambling (not at my expense of course!).

The owner of my agency invited me and another friend to join him and his helicopter pilot friend on a trip to Atlantic City. Being naive and thirsty for adventure I said, "sure, why not?" and boarded a fancy looking, spoofed up helicopter. The pilot's canine friend, a large puffy thing who had a whole seat to himself, also joined us.

So there we were – 4 adults and 1 dog flying above New York City and coming within an arms' reach of the Statue of Liberty. (Have you ever seen her face close up? She truly is much greener than I could have anticipated.) Anyway, after dodging under bridges and sweeping past tall buildings, we landed in Atlantic City and spent the night eating gourmet food and gambling.

I had to leave early the next morning as I was meeting family friends back in Manhattan first thing. And wow, did I feel spoiled! When I walked down to the entrance of the hotel there waiting for me was a fancy stretch limo. It had been rented by the agency so that I could be driven back to NY in style.

Now, for most people, this would be a super-exciting prospect – a whole stretch limo all to oneself. But you have to remember, I had not slept the entire previous night – and I am the type of person who really needs her sleep. I tried and I tried to stay awake but about 3 minutes after the vehicle started moving I was out cold and did not budge until back in Manhattan.

So, my advice is – if you ever find yourself in the position where someone has rented a limo with a driver to take you for a nice long ride, DO NOT have a crazy night the night before. Try to stay awake and enjoy the luxury because really, when is this ever going to happen again? I am still waiting for my next fancy ride...

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