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Tips to Make Your Car Rental Experience Great – Part Two: At The Rental Desk

Our last blog post provided a number of tips and advice to help improve your online car rental experience. Today, we're going to focus on the second phase of the rental process – picking up your vehicle at the rental desk. No one likes starting their vacation off with a long wait in line, so come prepared. A little pre-planning can help save you time and money, both of which can contribute to a great car rental experience.

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Tips to Make Your Car Rental Experience Great – Part One: Shopping Online

TipsVacations are suppose to be fun and relaxing, so why are you up all night worrying about your itinerary and transportation? Take the stress out of your travel plans with a little help from Car Rental Express. Our team has put together a three part series that explains everything you ever wanted to know about car rentals and the car rental experience.

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Car Rental Advice for the Under 25 Crowd

Under 21The years between 18 and 25 are all about discovery. During these years, you'll have the ability to vote, drink, pay taxes, and even go to war. Unfortunately, this discovery can be limited if you don't have a vehicle of your own. Until recently, if you were under 25, many rental car companies wouldn't trust you to drive their vehicles.

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What To Do If Your Car Rental Breaks Down

BreakdownEven well-maintained car rentals can sometimes suffer from mechanical malfunctions or faulty equipment. Unfortunately, not ever car rental customer knows what to do in the event of a break down.

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The 7 Biggest Car Rental Complaints

 ComplaintWe hear dozens of different car rental complaints everyday. And while we do our best to ensure that every customer has a positive experience using the Car Rental Express rental system, sometimes issues do occur.


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The Do's and Don'ts About Car Rentals and Car Seats

ImageAny parent knows that traveling with young children isn't easy. Probably one of the biggest challenges is having to pack and remember all of the items that will be needed while away on a trip. There are the activities to bring on the plane, lots of snacks and meals (as well all know that airlines have ceased to feed us on at least shorter-haul flights), potty seat covers, wipes, diapers, bottles, toys, strollers, etc., etc.

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