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Tips to Make Your Car Rental Experience Great – Part One: Shopping Online

TipsVacations are suppose to be fun and relaxing, so why are you up all night worrying about your itinerary and transportation? Take the stress out of your travel plans with a little help from Car Rental Express. Our team has put together a three part series that explains everything you ever wanted to know about car rentals and the car rental experience. So sit back and relax – once you've read these three articles you'll wonder why you ever worried about renting a car in the first place!

Booking Your Vehicle on the Internet
A great rental experience begins online. Car rental comparison websites like CRX Car Rentals make searching for a safe, reliable car rental quick and easy. The following are some things to remember when checking out online rates:

1) The Difference Between a Quote and a Reservation
A car rental quote is not the same as a reservation. A quote is simply a cost estimate showing you what rate you could be paying for your rental. A quote does not guarantee you a rental. If you're happy with a quote, the next step in the online rental process is to secure your reservation. This will require you to provide your credit card information along with a pick-up and drop-off date for your rental vehicle.

2) Taxes and Mileage Are Extra
When booking online, make sure you take your time and read all of the small print. Most car rental companies provide price quotes that don't take the local sales tax into consideration. Some companies also have mileage restrictions in place – exceed the limit and you'll need to pay an overage charge. All of these little details add to the total cost of your rental, so make sure you keep that in mind while comparing rates.

3) Insurance Issues
Insurance is one of the biggest car rental experience killers around. Travelers spend so much time worrying about their coverage that they forget to actually enjoy their vacation experience. Purchasing rental company insurance, or using what you already have, is a personal decision. If your credit card company or auto insurance policy includes rental car insurance, then you may wish to use that. We suggest that you read your policies or contact your credit card or insurance company for more information prior to making your final decision. Whatever you decide to go with, it's important that you know your coverage in the event of an accident.

4) Read Your Rental Agreement Before Hitting the Road
Small print is never fun to read. However, a pleasant car rental experience requires that you understand your rental agreement inside and out. Educating yourself on the policies and restrictions outlined in your agreement is the best way to protect yourself against unnecessary issues during your vacation.

5) Print Your Paperwork
Once you've reserved your rental vehicle with Car Rental Express, we'll send you an email with all of your booking information. Check that everything is correct on this document and then print out a copy to keep with you during your vacation. Pack it so that it's easily accessible when you arrive to pick up your vehicle.

Don't be weary of renting your vehicle online. Take advantage of the CRX Car Rental Comparison Guide and start your rental experience off right. Review current rates and vehicle listings online now.

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