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Car Rental Advice for the Under 25 Crowd

Under 21The years between 18 and 25 are all about discovery. During these years, you'll have the ability to vote, drink, pay taxes, and even go to war. Unfortunately, this discovery can be limited if you don't have a vehicle of your own. Until recently, if you were under 25, many rental car companies wouldn't trust you to drive their vehicles.

Elect our president, sure. Protect our country, you betcha. Take a brand new Mustang convertible for a spin, I don't think so!

Facing the Facts
Because drivers under the age of 25 are statistically some of the worst drivers in the county, car rental agencies have always been weary to service the younger demographic – even those with good driving records. Luckily, things have gotten better. Until just a few years ago, many rental companies wouldn't even consider renting to an under 25 client. Today, finding under 25 car rentals are easy – being able to afford one... well, that's a bit tougher.

Restrictions and Costs to Watch For
In the vast majority of cases, drivers ages 21 to 24 will have to pay a daily surcharge (varying by location). This normally averages out to approximately $25 per day. If you're hoping to snag a pricier rental type, such as a luxury vehicle, van or SUV, you'll have to wait until you're older. Most car rental companies restrict the types of cars they're willing to rent to youth, so you'll have to settle for compact cars and midsized sedans. Companies that do permit underage luxury car rentals require an even higher daily surcharge.

How to Avoid High Rates When You're Under 25
To avoid paying ridiculously high rates, Car Rental Express recommends comparing fees and restrictions at the rental agencies in the area where you want to rent. Restrictions can sometimes vary by state. Currently, there are two states that mandate a lower minimum age to rent a car: New York and Michigan. Car rental companies in these states must allow renters between 18 and 21, assuming these customers still meet the drivers license requirements. Of course, there's still a fee for youth drivers in these states, so it's worth taking the time to perform a thorough rate comparison. Looking for a quick and easy way to compare rental rates online? Then check out the Car Rental Express rental system today!

Better Luck With Independent Agencies
If you're having trouble finding an affordable under 25 rental with one of the major car rental companies, take the time to check out some independent companies. Smaller or lesser-known agencies are more willing and able to work with under 25 car rental clients, especially if you have a clean driving record.

Overall, it's tough and expensive to rent until you're 25, and sometimes virtually impossible when you're between the ages of 18 and 21. Affordable options are out there, but only if you know where to look for them. Start your search online with the Car Rental Express Comparison Guide now.

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