The 7 Biggest
Car Rental Complaints
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The 7 Biggest Car Rental Complaints

 ComplaintWe hear dozens of different car rental complaints everyday. And while we do our best to ensure that every customer has a positive experience using the Car Rental Express rental system, sometimes issues do occur.


The following are ten of the most common car rental complaints that we run into at CRX and how you can avoid them when renting your next independent car rental.


1)    "The car I want isn't available."
Car rental companies aren't like personal chefs – they can't magically present you with the exact vehicle you want. Most fleets are made up of economical makes and standard models. So if you're searching for something specific, you better start looking for it early. And when you find it, book it!

2)    "I didn't cause this damage, why am I being charged to repair it?"
If your rental car returns with a dent that wasn't documented in the original rental report, you're automatically liable for it – whether you caused it or not. This is why it's so important that customers walk around their rental vehicle and make note of any damage prior to driving off the lot. If the scratch was there before you took the car out, and it's properly documented in the rental agreement, it's not your problem and you won't be expected to pay for it.

3)    "Why can't I get a free upgrade?"
A lot of our independent car rental companies offer free upgrades, but only during the low travel seasons. Sometimes, this just isn't a feasible option. It's never a good idea to reserve a rental below your desired class just because you assume you'll qualify for a free upgrade. If you want the mid-sized sedan, don't reserve the compact car.

4)    "Gas is so expensive."
We hear ya – unfortunately, we can't help you there!

5)    "These mileage limitations are dumb, why can't you offer unlimited mileage?"
Many of the independent car rental companies listed on Car Rental Express do offer unlimited mileage. Those who don't probably have this policy in place in order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on their vehicles.

6)    "I'm 23 and have my full license, why can't I rent a car with you?"
Many car rental companies have strict rental policies for customers that are under the age of 25. Since young drivers tend to have less experience than their older counterparts, they are often required to pay an additional insurance charge, or sometimes even refused service. If you're young but have a clean driving record, let us know. We might be able to help you find an independent car rental company that can help.

7)    "This isn't the car I reserved."
This can sometimes be a tricky complaint because it's not always true. Most independent car rental companies group a number of similar car makes and models into one vehicle class. For example, a Nissan Sentry and a Ford Focus could both be considered "Midsized Cars." You may rent this class of vehicle assuming that you'll receive the Sentry, only to arrive at the rental agency and learn that you'll actually be driving the Focus. If you've got your heart set on a specific vehicle make or model, it's always best to call the dealership directly and make a special request.


What's your biggest car rental complaint? Let us know, we might be able to help you out!

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