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What To Do If Your Car Rental Gets a Flat Tire

Car Rental flat tireWhen driving down the highway or through a new city in your independent rental car, the last thing you want is to hear is the hiss of air leaving your tire, or the loud p

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What You Need to Know About Car Rental Booster Seats

Car Seat SafetyMarch Break is just a few short weeks away, which can only mean one thing: You're scrambling to plan a last minute family vacation! If you haven't booked your March Break car rental yet, don't worry – Car Rental Express has you covered. Check out our independent car rental comparison tool to secure an affordable rental vehicle for your family getaway.


Don't Forget About Safety

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The Best Car Rentals for Tall Drivers

Car Rentals for Tall riversThere are lots of benefits to being tall – sports prowess, extended reach, a commanding presence – the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, so to does the list of disadvantages. Ducking to avoid doorframes, difficulty finding pants that fit, and let's not forget the constant issue of legroom.

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Special Rental Car Equipment and You

Car Rental Safety EquipmentWhen picking up your rental car, it’s not a bad idea to consider “upgrading” your rental by opting to accept some of the special, optional equipment that agencies now offer. Whether you’re on the road with your vulnerable little ones or you just can’t find your way out of a room with only one door, including special equipment can make your life just a little bit easier when you’re not in your own car.

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Avoid These Unpleasant Surprises at the Rental Car Counter

Car Rental SurprisesTraveling almost always involves both good and bad surprises, and the ones that come up when you’re at the counter to pick up your rental car almost always fall into the second category. The clearer pricing information found on the Internet has somewhat helped to ease the sting of surprise rental car expenses, as you’re more likely to learn about "hidden" fees well in advance.

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Maximize Your Safety: Car Rental Emergency Roadside Kits

Emergency Car KitOne of the most important things you should pay attention to – especially when you’re on the road – is safety. Most people know and/or practice common safety habits when they get behind the wheel, such as wearing a seatbelt, keeping both hands on the wheel as often as possible, not fiddling with the radio or sending a text. It’s common sense to do all of that, right?


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Car Rental Safety 101: 20 Tips to Remember

Car rental safetyReady to hit the road in your car rental? Not so fast! Whether you’re headed across town or across the country, safety should always be your #1 concern. Driving an unfamiliar vehicle can open you up to a whole slew of unexpected hazards; however, many of them can be avoided if you follow some basic driving safety tips. 


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Ways to Save on Small Business Car Rentals

Small Business Car RentalsBusiness travel costs can add up quickly. From fuel to food, accommodations to extra amenities, business travel is one of the biggest expenses a small business owner has to stomach.

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Best Rental Cars to Take to the Beach

Beach Car RentalsPlanning a trip to some tropical destination this winter? Sounds like you could use a great beach-ready car rental! Below is a list of vehicles perfect for everything from a day trip to a week-long sun, sand, and surf adventure.

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The First Ten Minutes in Your Rental Car

First 10 min of car rentalIt's been said that most auto accidents take place within one mile of either your departure or destination site. What’s more, dozens of auto accidents take place within just a few hundred feet of the rental company's rental car lot. We’ve all done it—hopped in the vehicle, started it up, and headed out into a strange new place without so much as a second thought about safety. The worst part?

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